Artist:  American Dog
   Title: Hard
   Label: Bad Reputation

If you're into spit in dust biker bars, women and booze, then 'Hard' is the CD you've been waiting for!

American Dog don't hold any punches on this their 6th offering with the all out rock instrumental 'Bock' setting the tone and from there it's dirty Southern blues/rock all the way.  The 3 piece band sounding like they're enjoying themselves and not giving a damn about anyone.

Singer Michael Hannon sounds a bit like Alice Cooper trying his hand at this style of music, and on tracks 'No Pity', 'Another Day In Paradise' and 'Bloodsucker' there's definitely a nod towards Motorhead, each song proving how good the musicianship is within the band.

Guitarist Steve Theado knocks out a classy acoustic intro for 'Long Time Coming' (not to be confused with The Quireboys track), before it bursts into the slide guitar bluesy track it actually is, and he does the same for 'Broken, Beaten, Etc', the song which probably sums up the band with a beer can being opened, a belch then into some lazy, worn out style vocals!

The stand-out track has to be the tongue-in-cheek 'Sometimes You East The Pussy', a sleazy slice of rock that is bound to become a favourite in the live shows they'll do to promote this CD, and I can see 'Hard' being played before going out on a lads night out!!

* Review by Bob.


1. Bock
2. Sometimes You Eat The Pussy
3. Another Day In Paradise
4. Hypnotized 
5. Long Time Comin' 
6. Beaten, Broken, Etc.
7. Rock-N-Roll Dog 
8. Spell On Me
9. Little Short
10. Bloodsucker
11. Magnificent Bastard



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