Artist:  Anderson, Laine, Readmen
   Title: III
   Label: Frontiers Records

When do three become one? The answer is when Royal Hunt Keyboard maestro of Andre Anderson invites the likes of former Danger Danger front man Paul Laine and Pink Cream 69 vocalist Dave Readman in on his latest project, the resulting album is called simply ‘Three’.

As the three main contributors on this release have varying styles both in their relative bands and as solo artists, the combination of all three is an intriguing one.

With the vocals being shared by Readman and Laine on alternate tracks, the album finds Laine starting off the proceedings with “Rise”, a genuine hard rock opener if ever there was one.  Not to be outdone Readman starts his campaign off with “Dust to Dust” which is another great track.

From these opening exchanges it’s plain to see that there is going to be no winner in this vocal contest, the only winner is the listener.

As each song was written with each vocalist’s style in mind, it’s plain to hear that Anderson wanted to bring out the best in each man and he succeeded in his aim.

Highlights of the album have to be “The Way It Goes” with Laine really giving it some and equally “Bulletproof” where Readman shows what he is capable of.

All in all a fascinating combination of talents that really hits the mark



1. Rise
2. Dust to Dust
3. The way it Goes
4. Straight to the Heart
5. Tell me your Lies
6.  Don't need a Thing
7. End of my Rope
8. Scared of Life
9. Bulletproof
10. Learning to Fly



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