Artist:  Andre Anderson
   Title: Black On Black
   Label: Frontiers Records

This second solo album from Royal Hunt gifted keyboard player is a must buy. The multi talented Andersen had put together a musical masterpiece full of blistering guitars and the familiar polished keyboard's you expect from this musical maestro.

The opening track 'Coming Home' is much in the Royal Hunt vein with the mix of progressive rock and hard rock going well together. 'Tell me Why' is more of a traditional sounding rock track with the attention more on the guitar than keyboards. 'Arena's' opening will have Royal Hunt fans approval with the familiar heavy guitar intro and the familiar back beat of drums and bass providing a backdrop to the obligatory keyboard solos.

'Desperate Times' is a broody epic with meaningful vocals, classic guitar riffs reminiscent of Dio's 'Last in Line'. The rest of the album is much in a similar vein. All in all a well put together album which grows on you. The more you listen to it the better it becomes.


1. Coming Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. Arena
4. Desperate Times
5. Life
6. Black On Black
7. Eclipse
8. Sail Away
9. Piece Of My Heart



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