Artist:  Angel House
   Title: The Gun, The Love And The Cross
   Label: Escape Music

Birmingham has always been a hot bed for great metal and hard rock bands and one band set on keeping that tradition alive are Angel House, who return with their second full release ‘The Gun, The Love and The Cross’.

Following on from their 2007 debut ‘World On Fire’, the band features Pete Easthope on vocals / guitar / acoustic, Simon Cooper on drums / percussion and Phil Easthope on bass / vocals, all of whom deliver a huge slab of good old school rock with this their latest release.

This is no frill trio playing hard rock as it was meant to be.  Right from the opener ‘This Spirit’, it’s clear the band wear their influences on the sleeves.  From the gutsy rhythm section and the driven guitar parts, they showcase everything that has made British bands the envy of the world.  They're from a time when rock was simple and none of these multi genres existed.  It was either Rock or Metal, nothing more, nothing less.

The album will keep those die hard rockers happy with great guitar tracks like ‘House Of Law’ and the slung down riff filled ‘Heaven Tonight’, but it's tracks like ’Hit The Target’ and ‘Soul Breaker’ that really show this band aren’t just for the nostalgia freaks, they have a modern edged sound to rival the best the UK has to offer in the genre.

The band turn up the heat with the riff spewn ‘The Last Song’, which strangely isn’t the last song.  The final spot on the album is left for the gentle ballad ‘When The Water Gets Too High’, which is a real corker to end the album.

Having seen this band perform live a number of times I can confirm they are as great live as they are on this release so check it out, you may find yourself hankering for a little Angel in your House! 


01. This Spirit
02.  Iron Rails
03.  Day By Day
04.  House Of Law
05.  Heaven Tonight
06.  Hit The Target
07.  Breakout
08.  Soul Breaker
09.  The Last Song
10.  When The Water Gets Too High 



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