Artist: Angelica 
   Title: Thrive
   Label: Frontiers Records

'Thrive' is the debut solo album from Murder Of My Sweet vocalist Angelica Rylin, with help from fellow Murder Of My Sweet's drummer Daniel Flores, along with Per Berquiist on guitars, Johan Niemann on bass and a host of soloists, with song writing credits from the likes of Harry Hess, Flores, Robert Sall, Alessandro Del Vechio and Anders Wigelius, as well as songs written by Rylin herself.

This is the album Angelica has always dreamed of recording, it's full of all out Melodic Rock splendour, as things get off to fantastic start with ‘Breaking My Heart’, a towering anthem that really sets the bar for the rest of the album.  Soaring keyboards, big rhythms and huge guitars are the order of the day, all capped off by a superb vocal.  A real melodic rock master-class in how to open the proceedings.

The album continues to impress with ‘I Am Strong’, a sentiment that shows Rylin is able to stand on her own two feet.  Another track of pure Scandinavian infused Melodic Hard Rock of the highest order.  This is carried on with the excellent AOR infused ‘To Your Rescue’, before the first of the ballads, the stunning ‘Can't Stop Love’, which really showcases off Rylin’s vocals at their very best, both power and grace in one fell swoop.

There is a definite 80’s power ballad vibe about ‘Nothing Else You Can Break’, think Heart meets Whitesnake, before returning to the modern edge of the genre with the excellent ‘Riding Out The Storm’.  This is typical of the high class tunes coming from the Scandinavian quarter in this genre and long may it continue.

The upbeat rocker ‘Rain On My Parade’ has a modern edginess to it, while still retaining it's roots firmly in the classic Melodic Rock sound.  Old meets new in perfect harmony, then it's back to the ballads with the stunning ‘Losers In Paradise’, before kicking up a storm with ‘You Will Never Win’.  A slow burner that leads nicely into the majestic tones of ‘This Kiss Is Just For You’. 

The roller coaster ride that is ‘I’m Not Waiting’ is up next, a track that sways between Hard and Melodic Rock before this stunning debut closes in style with ‘Take Me To Your Heart’.  Quite an apt title as sure as eggs is eggs, Angelica will be taken to the hearts of the die hard fans of this genre for sure.  This album shows once again that Scandinavia is a hot bed for Melodic Rock talent, you might even say it Thrives.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Breaking My Heart 
2. I Am Strong
3. To Your Rescue
4. Can't Stop Love
5. Nothing Else You Can Break
6. Riding Out The Storm
7. Rain On My Parade
8. Losers In Paradise
9. You Will Never Win
10. This Kiss Is Just For You
11. I'm Not Waiting
12. Take Me To Your Heart



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