Artist:  Angeline
   Title: Confessions
   Label: Avenue Of Allies

Swedes Angeline are one of those bands that never got the breaks they deserved,  and circumstance after circumstance led to the band disbanding in 2001.  The band never really lost contact with each other and every year they would get together to remember the passing of original vocalist Jorgen Sigvardsson.  It was at one of these special occasions in 2007 that the band decided to perform together to celebrate the bands 20th Anniversary.  Much to the bands surprise they found a new army of fans had developed and grown and so they decided to start working together and writing new material for this new album 'Confessions'.

With Jocke Nilsson on guitars and vocals, Janne Arkegren on guitar, Uffe Nilsson on bass and completing the line-up Tobbe Jonsson on drums, the band have put together an album that will surely get the band noticed in all the right places.  It may be more than 20 years in the making, but this is the real deal as far as good Melodic Hard Rock goes.

From the opening salvo of ‘Pray’ and ‘Another Night (Without You)’, you can tell that this is going to push all the right buttons for fans of the genre, with J Nilsson simply superb on the vocal front while the rest of the guys bringing it all together musically.  Rich guitar licks and a solid foundation in the rhythm section, it’s when bands produce such high quality songs like these that it makes it all the easier to write reviews, because quite frankly all you can say is positives.

Those quality tunes just keep on coming with the bluesy rock of ‘Fuel You Fire’ and melodic tones of the title track ‘Confessions’, then things get a little more rocky with the excellent ‘Blackout’, the riff fuelled ‘Good Is Getting Better’ and the funk ridden ‘Love & Affection.

One of my favourite tracks off this great album is ‘Rock of Ages’, a real gritty little rocker that will just blow you away.  The chunky licks and tight ass back beat are just Hard Rock gold. The band show that they can mix it up with the heady bass ridden modern rocker ‘Part Of Evolution’, before returning to the melodic side of things with the gentle rocker ‘Miracles’, then it's back to the straight shooting Hard Rock of ‘Someday Somehow’, before we reach the excellent album closer ‘Running On Empty’.  All of which rounds off a great album and one that shows a band with a "What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger" attitude can make it eventually.  Definitely one to check out for sure.


01. Pray
02. Another Night (Without You)
03. Fuel To Your Fire
04. Confessions
05. Blackout
06. Good Is Getting Better
07. Love & Affection
08. Rock of Ages
09. Part Of Evolution
10. Miracles
11. Someday Somehow
12. Running On Empty



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