Artist: Angeline 
   Title: Disconnected
   Label: Avenue Of Allies

Swedes Angeline are one of those bands that never got the breaks and circumstance upon circumstance led to the band disbanding in 2001.  But the band never really lost contact with each other and every year they would get together to remember the passing of original vocalist Jorgen Sigvardsson.  It was on one of these special days in 2007 that the band decided to perform together to celebrate the bands 20th Anniversary.  Much to the bands surprise they found a new army of fans had grown and they started working together and writing new material for their comeback album ‘Confessions’.

Now the Swedes are back and riding on the success of 'Confessions’, they return with their new release 'Disconnected', which takes up exactly where 'Confessions' left off, with the Swedes delivering another great Melodic/Hard Rock cross over opus.

It's like the band haven’t been away at all.  When you consider their 'Confessions' album was the bands first studio release in some twenty years and now just two years later, they are delivering another great slice of modern edged Melodic Hard Rock.  Once again we find Jocke Nilsson delivering on the vocal front, while Janne Arkegren pumps out some great guitar sounds, with the engine behind it all, the rhythm section of Uffe Nilsson on bass and Tobbe Jonsson on drums, keeping it real.

The album opens up with ‘When The Lights Go Down’ and instantly the hard edged groove filled rock fills the air and as I said at the beginning, you're taken back to 'Confessions'.  It's like this is the second chapter of the great book, you simply can't wait to turn the page and continue where chapter one left off.

The album continues to impress with ‘Falling Into You’, another gritty hard rocker with Nilsson showcasing perfectly what a real a tour de force he is behind the mike, as well as the great guitars of Arkegren adding that extra bite to the track.

The tempo is brought down just a notch or two with the melodic tones of ‘Take A Little Time’, before it's picked up once more with one of my favourites off the album, the pumping modern rocker that is ‘I Had Enough’.  This is followed by the sleazy feel of ‘Run Run Run’, before it's back to the more traditional melodic rock of ‘Found’.  Again it’s the vocals of Nilsson that really shine as he shows what a versatile vocalist he is, as he really puts his heart and soul into this one.

But it’s the modern rockers on this album that really get the old juices flowing and none more so than the excellent title track ‘Disconnected’ and the superb groove filled ‘In Times Like These’.

But if rocking out is not your cup of tea then there are plenty of gentler moments for the more discerning melodic rock fan, one of those being ‘Solid Ground’, which is a real classy melodic rocker.  Then there's the sublime ‘If It’s The Last Thing I Do’ which will also satisfy all the mellow rock fans out there.

The album closes with two great rockers, first up it's ‘First Time Around’, a riff spewn funkster that leads nicely into the album closer and another favourite of mine, the excellent ‘Way Down’, which closes what is another excellent album from the Swedes and as long as bands keep producing albums of this calibre, the future of Melodic/Hard Rock is assured.  Great Stuff, enough said!


1. When The Lights Go Down
2. Falling Into You
3. Take A Little Time
4. I Had Enough
5. Run Run Run
6. Found
7. Disconnected
8. In Times Like These
9. Solid Ground
10. If It's The Last Thing I Do
11. First Time Around
12. Way Down



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