Artist:  Angel King
   Title: World of pain
   Label: Meantime Music

Angel King are the latest band to bring the Sleaze out of Stockholm, led by vocalist Lazzy G, the band mix the 80’s Sunset sleaze with today’s Hard Rock to bring a very modern album. 

The album kicks off in emphatic style with ‘Dangerous’, from the off you can feel the raw edgy guitars of Jack Vegas, the heady rhythms of bassist Rock Boston and drummer Snake Denver and capping it all, the vocals of Lazzy G himself.

The no holds barred rocking continues with the sleazy driven title track ‘World Of Pain’ and the thumping ‘She Wants To Be Loved’, which reminds me of Krokus mixed with a little Rose Tattoo.

The guys show off the melodic side with the excellent ‘Living In The Wild Life’, before picking up the tempo with the funky edged ‘Enemy’, while still keeping the melodic feel going at the same time.

Its back to harder edged rock with the Alice Cooperesque tones of ‘Fahrenheit 541’ and the old school rocker ‘Rock And Roll Doctor’, again bringing that Krokus / Rose Tattoo edge to the mix.

The classic rock feel of  ‘Get Up’ has more than a little Kiss and Def Leppard infused into it a real taste of the old days. Ahhh memories of my youth!

It's back to the melodic rock with the excellent ‘Wasteland’, before the album closes with the anthemic rocker ‘Last Generation’, which closes a great debut and shows once again that Stockholm is the new Los Angeles as they bring the 80’s vibe kicking and screaming into the now, and for and old 80’s glam fan like myself, I just love it. 


1. Dangerous
2. World of Pain
3. She Want To Be Loved
4. Living The Wild Life
5. Enemy
6. Fahrenheit 541
7. Rock And Roll Doctor
8. Get Up
9. Wasteland
10. Last Generation



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