Artist:  Angels Of Babylon
   Title: Kingdom Of Evil
   Label: Metal Heaven

Name wise Angels Of Babylon are new kids on the block but musician wise they are old hands at this Heavy Metal game. First up is drummer Rhino of Manowar fame, then there is David Ellefson former Megadeth bassist add to this Arizona’s David Fefolt on vocals and the guitar wizardry of Ethan Brosh and together you have a real tour de force in the world of metal.

“The songs have been around for sometime” quotes Rhino “ but I have just been waiting for the right optimum line-up to record and release an album like this”, well as Metal albums go this is a corker a real meat and bones guitar infused metal album as it should be, and with Fefolt powering through from track to track this is a real treat for fans of great Melodic Metal.

 from the opening barrage of “Conspiracy Theory” and “Apocalypse 2012” it was clear that I was going to love the rest of this album if the first two tracks were anything to go by.

The tremendous metal assault continues with one of the many tracks of the album the riff fuelled ‘Night Magic’ on which Ellefson really takes to six string and gives us real lesson in metal guitar as the licks come thick and fast.

‘Tear Out My Heart’ is a mellower metal affair with Fefolt showing he can bring it down as well as dish out the power when needed, a sign of a great vocalist.

It’s full steam ahead once more with the titanic ‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’ there is more than just a sniff of Power Metal about this one, maybe it’s the extra orchestration of the keyboards but no matter what it is this is a great track either way.

The more traditionalists amongst the metal paternity with just love the powerful melodies of ‘Tarot’, but track of the album for me has to be the title track ‘Kingdom of Evil’ which starts off with touch of Spanish guitar before erupting into a monster metal explosion of guitar and rhythm section, then those majestic pipes of Fefolt take it to the next level, a touch of class this one for sure.

The album could have quiet easily ended there for me but thankfully it doesn’t as the band continue to pull no punches and surprises as the album brings one of the best metal ballads you’ll here all year with ‘The Remnant’ again there is a touch of the Power/Symphonic Metal about this one as this keyboard only track to give the album a touch of class, this one acts as an intro into another of my favourite tracks off the album the excellent ‘Angels Of Babylon’.

The album closes in fines style with ‘Second Coming’ again the band pull no punches as this fine slice of Melodic Metal rounds off an album that will appeal to both the traditional Metal fans and those who like the Power Metal and Symphonic genres, so watch out for this name in future because it’s sure to be mentioned a lot during 2010, you mark my words. 


1. Conspiracy Theory
2. Apocalypse 2012
3. Night Magic
4. Tear Out My Heart
5. Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen
6. Tarot
7. Kingdom Of Evil
8. The Remnant
9. Angels Of Babylon
10. Second Coming



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