Artist: Angels Of Babylon 
   Title: Thundergod
   Label: Scarlet Records

I am often apprehensive when it comes to discussing contemporary ‘classic / power’ metal as I personally find it clichéd and quite frankly boring (big statement I know).  I am always willing to give new releases a chance, and gave this new record from ANGELS OF BABYLON a generous amount of spins to see if I felt any different. 

Unfortunately, I found myself having the same problem with 'THUNDERGOD' as I have had with various other releases from bands such as Dragonforce, Edguy, Helloween, et al.  Firstly, there are no particularly strong vocal melody lines to grab a listeners attention throughout the entire record.  The lyrics are stereotypical and more of less forgettable to say the least.  The main problem for me is that there is not a great hook on the album as the riffs sound really tired and exhausted. 

After listening to the third of fourth song, I had already forgotten what the first two sounded like which pretty much says it all really.  I could honestly not pick a stand out song as I found myself switching off after my fourth or fifth run through.  I can only best describe this album as a lackluster and unoriginal, it is just another one of those generic releases sadly. 

This may sound like a rather harsh attack but I am sure power metal fans would find something distinguishable and promising on this record.  Unfortunately, that something special about 'THUNDERGOD' has completely eluded me on this instance. 

Reviewed: Rob Herald


1. Thundergod
2. Sondorio
3. Queen Warrior
4. What Have You Become
5. White Star Line
6. The Enemy
7. True Brothers
8. Redemption
9. King Of All Kings
10. Turning To Stone
11. Bullet



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