Artist:  Angra 
   Title: Temple Of Shadows
   Label: SPV

'Temple of Shadows' is the fifth album release of Brazilian melodic power metallers Angra.  It sees them go full out on this release combining traditional Brazilian music and full on guitars and bounding drums.  They've also brought that classical music feel to the whole album, which together with the inclusion of several guest artists, complements the whole package.  And WOW! what a package it is!

Although with this release the band have gone for a faster paced guitar sound than they have perhaps used in previous releases, they certainly haven't lost any of that melodic feel to their music.  A task that many bands would indeed find hard to do.

'Temple of Shadows' is a concept album that evolves around the Shadow Hunter.  An 11th Century crusader who questions the Catholic Church’s ideals and the events that unfold around his life.

The quality of the album is laid down in the foundations of the first track 'Spread Your Fire' with its velocity of the opening guitar riffs and the pounding drums.  This continues on into 'Angels And Demons'.  While the pace is slowed down a little on 'Waiting Silence', but still keeping that thunderous drum backbeat.  The melodic vocals of Edu Falaschi really do shine through the onslaught of drum and guitar.

This album easily skips through musical genres and styles without missing a beat.  This is no more apparent on the majestic 'Wishing Well'.  A track that any melodic rock band would be proud to have on their album.

These changes in musical styles throughout the entire album makes it a joy to listen too, as you meander through a mystical tale of life and the turmoil that you feel when you start to doubt all that you have been brought up to believe in.

The pace once again picks up with 'Temple of Hate' but quickly changes tempo once more in time for the next track 'Shadow Hunter'.  The clever use of Spanish guitars on the intro is carried on throughout the entire track and into the following track 'No Pain For The Dead'.  This being one of my favourite tracks on the album as includes the wonderful guest vocals of Sabine Edelsbacher of Edenbridge.

‘Wings of Destination’ delivers some of the best vocals on the album, together with some powerful guitar and drum work as well. ‘Sprouts of Time’, if you ignore the title, is a well worked track full of mystic, haunting melodies and laid back vocals.

‘Morning Star’ is a fine track that gently lifts the album to a higher level with its melodic guitar and harmonic overtones. The final track on the album ‘Late Redemption’ has the added vocal talent of Brazilian singer and composer Milton Nascimento, giving the traditional Brazilian music sound to the track that also gives it depth of meaning and is a perfect way to finish off this fine album.


  1. Deus Le Volt!
  2. Spread Your Fire
  3. Angels And Demons
  4. Waiting Silence
  5. Wishing Well
  6. Temple Of Hate
  7. Shadow Hunter
  8. No Pain For The Dead
  9. Sprouts Of Time
 10. Morning Star
 11. Late Redemption



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