Artist:  Angra
   Title: Aqua
   Label: SPV / Steamahmmer

Once again Brazilian metallers Angra have come up with the goods with their stunning new concept album 'Aqua'. The album takes its inspiration from Shakespeare of all things, more particularly The Tempest.

To take on such a task hasn’t been easy for Eduardo Falaschi and the rest of the band, not only is this a landmark album in the Power Metal world, but it also see the return of Ricardo Confessori to the drum stool, which is more than recognisable when you listen to the album proper.

The album opens up in emphatic style with the intro 'Viderunt Te Aquae' before really opening up proper with ‘Arising Thunder’ on which Falaschi unleashes his vocal might, while Ricardo Confessori powers out an aweinspiring drum beat, and Felipe Andreoli batters the bass guitar and the twin guitar assault of Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt throw out the licks like six string confetti, all in all Power Metal to the core.

This tremendous attack on the senses continues with ‘Awake From Darkness’, again full on Power enthused Metal of the finest order, with full on bass lines dominating the proceedings combined in some fine hooks from the twin guitars once more, but for me the ace up the sleeves has to be Falaschi’s soaring vocals, which at times remind me of a mix between Bruce Dickinson and Andi Derris.

Things take an altogether different turn with the more mellow tones of ‘Lease Of Life’, but this is a short reprise as the tempo soon picks up again with ‘The Rage Of Waters’ before switching once more with ‘Spirit Of The Air’, as the band bring in some superb folkish elements into the fold with some Spanish guitars and orchestral strings all interwoven with the more traditional Power Metal, in what I regard as one of the finest tracks off the album.

It's full steam ahead with the all out metal of ‘Hollow’ before once again totally switching in style and tempo with the beautiful metal ballad ‘Monster In Her Eyes’, then it's all change again ( I tell you this album keeps you on your toes!) as we say a welcome hello again to the Spanish guitar for the excellent ‘Weakness Of Man’.

The album closes in real style with the epic ‘Ashes’ which rounds off a great concept album that was well worth the four year wait.


1. Viderunt Te Aquae
2. Arising Thunder
3. Awake From Darkness
4. Lease Of Life
5. The Rage Of The Waters
6. Spirit Of The Air
7. Hollow
8. Monster In Her Eyes
9. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes



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