Artist:  Angra
   Title: Aurora Consurgens
   Label: SPV

Brazilian Power metallers Angra return to show that the European Metal Band that South America can equal anything they can in the genre.

Following the bands concept piece 'Temple Of Shadows' last year, the bands new release isn’t a concept piece as such, but each track follows a similar thread that of mans struggles with life, with subjects such a suicide and the like being the inspiration for the songs.

The album opens up with ‘The Course Of Nature’, a real barnstormer of an opener which starts off with an altogether eerie feel, but soon opens up into a frenzy of guitars and drums, then the mighty vocals of Edu Falaschi are unleashed.  The track really pounds a thunderous mix of heavy bass and soaring guitars.

The flurry of guitars and drums continues at an unrelenting pace with ‘The Voice Commanding You’, another fantastic piece of inspiring Power Metal with once again Falaschi’s vocals being one of the highlights of the track.

The band ease of the pace just a touch with the haunting melodies of ‘Ego Painted Grey’, with its soaring guitars and solid backbone of the rhythm section of Felipe on bass and Aqualis Priester on drums.

The slower pace continues with the almost power ballad like ‘Breaking Ties’, this is where the guitars of Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt really come into their own.

The pace and majesty of ‘Salvation Suicide’ just has to be heard to be believed, (take note Dragonforce you don’t have to go over the top with the pace and rampaging guitar every time this is how it should be done with style and grace).

Window To Nowhere’ is another guitar infested assault from Loureiro as he sways between the all out shred fest, to the more sedate melodic riffs on what is another wonderful track.

The band bring a little something different into the mix with a touch of the East on the intro to ‘So Near So Far’, before blending in the more traditional symphonic metal tones on a track that shows the band are more than shredding guitars and thunderous drums.  It shows the band have a gentle sound hidden amongst all the dynamism.

‘Passing By’ is another slow burner of a track which once again starts off with the gentle guitars and Falaschi’s gentle vocals, then in comes the pounding rhythm section of Priester on drums and Andreoli to break the silence and really beef up the overall sound of the track, this is what turns this humble track into a real monster.

Another track where the rhythm section really shines is the quite simply awesome ‘Scream Your Heart Out’, a real heart thumper as the vocals of Falaschi soar above the guitars and bass to great effect.

The album comes to a close with ’Abandoned Fate’, another track showing the band in a more gentle light as it consists of only a semi acoustic guitar and Falaschi on vocals and rounds off another superlative release from the band and one that surpasses the 'Temple Of Shadows' release and that was a hell of an album too.  


1. The Course Of Nature
2. The Voice Commanding You
3. Ego Painted Grey
4. Breaking Ties
5. Salvation: Suicide
6. Window To Nowhere 
7. So Near So Far 
8. Passing By
9. Scream Your Heart Out 
10. Abandoned Fate
13. Trapped


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