Artist:  Angra
   Title: Best Reached Horizons
   Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records

The 20 year anniversary of any band out of today’s more, shall we say popular music industry seems a little less likely as the next big thing is replaced as quickly as it arrived.  But Heavy Metal and Heavy Rock bands seem to have more longevity in the music business, with this milestone being reached by more and more bands.  One more band to add the list is Brazil's finest Angra.

The band started out during 1991 when one Andre Matos joined guitarist Rafael Bittencourt, drummer Ricardo Confessori, guitarist Kiko Loureiro and bassist Luis Mariutti and set about being, along with Thrash titans Sepultura, the biggest Metal exports out of Brazil.

In those twenty plus years the band have seen a few changes, most notably being in 2000 the band split in two with Matos, Mariutti and Confessori parting ways and setting out on different paths.  This brought Eduardo Falaschi, drummer Aquilles Preister and keyboardist Gunther Werno in to the fold and the second chapter of Angra began.

To celebrate their 20 years of Metal splendour, the band have released ‘Best Reached Horizons’, which takes into account both chapters of the bands history with a double CD edition, featuring on CD One the vocal years of Matos and on CD Two, the vocal years of Falaschi.

With such great tracks from the band's first four studio albums to feature Matos, we have some truly great Metal moments like ‘Carry One’ and 'Evil Warning’ from their debut release 'Angels Cry', and the stunning cover of the Kate Bush classic ‘Wuthering Heights’, as well as ‘Freedom Call’ taken from the album of the same name and the massive ‘Metal Icarus’ from the 1996 ‘Fireworks’ opus.

CD Two is where the vocals of Falaschi take over, opening up with ‘Nova Era’ from the aptly titled ‘Rebirth’ album, as well as the excellent ‘Hunters and Prey’ from the EP of the same name, but it's the likes of ‘Spread Your Fire’ and ‘Waiting Silence’ from the epic ‘Temple Of Shadows’ that really showed what the band could do, taking Symphonic Metal to greater heights than ever before.  This has continued ever since with both the 'Aurora Consurgens' and ‘Aqua’ albums, with ‘Course of Nature’ and ‘Salvation Suicide’ being chosen from 'Aurora Consurgens' and ‘Arising Thunder’ and ‘Lease Of Life’ taken from 'Aqua'.

The second CD also has a stunning cover, this time it's Led Zeppelin's ‘Kashmir’ that gets a Metal makeover and closes out what is quite simply a fine selection of some of the bands finest moments, especially compiled by guitar player Kiko Loureiro.

Let's hope this is just a refresher into Angra the band and that we won't have to wait too long for the next studio release.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Carry On
2. Angels Cry
3. Wuthering Heights
4. Evil Warning
5. Nothing To Say
6. Holy Land
7. Carolina IV
8. Freedom Call
9. Lisbon
10. Metal Icarus 


1. Nova Era
2. Rebirth
3. Hunters And Prey
4. Spread Your Fire
5. Waiting Silence
6. The Course Of Nature
7. Salvation: Suicide
8. Arising Thunder
9. Lease Of Life
10. Kashmir


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