Artist:  Animal Alpha
   Title: You Pay For The Whole Seat But You'll Only Need The Edge
   Label: Racing Junior Records

Hailing from Norway Animal Alpha have been described as a musical Jack-in-the-box, at any time a surprise package is coming but you’re not sure when syndrome

This is a good thing and Animal Alpha do it so well, this is mainly due to the exuberant vocals of Agnete Maria Kjolsrud, who comes across as a mix between Hazel O’Connor and Becky Bondage.  Angst filled fury that can and will leave you feeling threatened but strangely in a good way!

The album opens up with 'Bundy', a track that has been around for some time but is exclusively included on this UK version of the album and gets the album off to a fantastic start, as you're instantly made to take notice of the band, especially Kjolsrud who delivers quite a vocal punch.

It's all systems go as the album continues with ‘Pin You All’, again it's Kjolsrud who takes centre stage on the track as the angst filled vocal powers on through the storming guitars of Christer Andre Cederberg and Wibe, who are equally superb as this track rocks big style.

The infectious groove ridden rock continues with the darker edged ‘Master Of Disguise’ and the hard hitting pop metal of ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’, both tremendous tracks with the vocals of Kjolsrud again the highpoint. 

The band do mix melodic with more metallic tones really well and a great example of this is the haunting ‘Alarm’.  This time the guitars take centre stage with Kjolsrud showing a more mellower side to her vocal presence on this one.

It's back to the meat and bones of the bands sound with the excellent pop punk ‘Breed Again’, before bringing things right down with one of the highlights of the album the excellent ‘In The Barn’.  This again provides an opportunity for Kjolsrud to show her more mellower side.

Those of you thinking this album is going out with a whimper are so wrong as things really pick up again with almost gothic dark metal tones of ‘Even When I’m Wrong I’m Right’ and the album closer the superb melodic tones of ‘Tricky Business’.

This album will surely put the band on the map, as Norway’s best-kept secret finally gets a worldwide airing

  1. Bundy
  2. Pin You All
  3. Master Of Disguise
  4. Fire! Fire! Fire!
  5. Alarm
  6. Breed Again
  7. In The Barn
  8. Even When I'm Wrong I'm Right
  9. Tricky Threesome




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