Artist:  The Answer
   Title: Keep Believing 
   Label: Albert Productions

The Answer, well they might be, the question who will be the next big thing. Thatís what my first feeling were when I first put this EP on my CD player. Too say that I was impressed would be an understatement this young Irish band can certainly hit the heights if they are pushed onto the right people, with a sound that is very much a mix of Led Zeppelin meets The Darkness in guitar and vocal styles.

The first track 'Keep Believing' is definitely influenced by the mighty Zep and just a little of the Who and is the sort of thing that if they reformed today I hope that this is what they would sound like, fresh and exuberant.

The second track 'No Questions Asked' is more of the same Robert Plant style vocals with more mood change than you can shake a stick at and some really excellent guitar riffs mid way through the track that really catch your imagination and take you back to those long hot summer days we used to have back in the 70's.

'Be What You Want' takes the tempo down a notch and is very reticent of the Darkness's 'More Than A Feeling' with its big guitars and no nonsense rock n roll and catch chorus lines.

'So Cold' after the initial intro of big guitars its down to business with some really ballsy old fashioned hard rock that is just a joy to listen too and makes a change to hear a young back going back to the roots of rock and bringing it slap bang into the now, great stuff and a band certainly one to watch out for.


1. Keep Believin' (radio mix)
2. No Questions Asked
3. Be What You Want
4. So Cold
5. Keep Believin' (club mix)



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