Artist:  Anvil
   Title: Pound For Pound
   Label: SPV Records / Steamhammer

Anvil have released some of their back catalogue and damn right too!  Following on from the success of 2008's 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' a story, (at times heart breaking) of a band that were once destined for superstardom, but fell on hard times.

 This band should and could of been as big as Metallica but for some inexplicable reason they went downhill after 'Metal on Metal'.  But since the documentary Anvil have attracted  renewed interest, selling out venues in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Holland, as well as playing festivals in Sweden, France, Finland Germany, Italy and Sweden. 

At the moment there seems to be no stopping these rejuvenated ageing rock monsters and I can personally testify to the fact that these guys really do deliver the goods live.  Anvils 1988 'Pound for Pound' album is a fun metal album, nowhere near as good as the ground breaking 'Metal on Meta' opus, but is worth getting.  If you have the album already, but want to hear it with a better quality, are a new fan to Anvil, or just curious about these Canadian rockers.  

So where to start on an album that has some top tunes that have more than stood the test of time, and some that just make you want to hide behind a rock till the track has finished, such as the shockingly bad 'Toe Jam'.

'Blood on the Ice' sets off the album at a hard and heavy pace, the silly and daft 'Corporate Preacher' is really a good track, as is the thrashy and drum pounding 'Machine Gun'.  The penultimate track 'Fire in the Night' is the best song, it oozes heaviness and the quality of the musicianship is really great.  You can see how Anvil influenced so many bands by this track alone. 

To end, you get thirteen seconds of a song ... 'Cramps', still strange as it was back in 1988 that one!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Blood On The Ice
2. Corporate Preacher
3. Toe Jam
4. Safe Sex
5. Where Does All The Money Go?
6. Brain Burn
7. Senile King
8. Machine Gun
9. Fire In The Night
10. Cramps



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