Artist:  Anvil
   Title: Strength Of Steel
   Label: SPV Records / Steamhammer

'Strength of Steel' is part of the re-release package that Anvil is currently producing.  This album is (possibly) where Anvil went wrong.  Taking four years to release an album, when so many hot and heavy bands were sprouting up everywhere, was probably their biggest mistake.  Also the fact that this album was nowhere as near as good as 'Metal on Metal' and 'Forged in Fire', and the issue coincided with the glam metal uprising.  

'Strength of Steel', the opening track, is a really great song and sounds as good as it did all those years ago.  It is a slow pulsating beast of a tune.  íConcrete Jungle' is a drum bashing and a very heavy number.  '9-2-5' is dead catchy and all about working and picking up a wage, not the strongest track.

'I Dreamed It Was the End of the World' is definitely the best track on the album.  It's heavy, doomy and deep.  A song that should maybe be seen as one of Anvils finest.  'Flight of the Bumblebee' is as excellent as it sounded the first time you heard it, and Rob Reinerís drumming is immense.  'Mad Dog' was quite a controversial song at the time, itís about the bandís friend who looked like Charles Manson and drank beer through his nostril, and this song was, and is, a total cheese fest released as a video to hopefully get them into the mainstream, but which went into obscurity. 

Dave Allison sings 'Straight Between the Eyes' and for me this is the worst track on the album. 'Kiss of Death' is a nice slow plodding number, were Lips stretches his voice to the max as the song weaves its magic and would stand out today should a band ever do a cover of this song, or even Anvil could update this and play it live. 

'Paper Generalí is a really great track, showcasing the talents of the band.  This is not their strongest album and perhaps led to their down fall, but thanks to the documentary about the band and their newer releases and their refound success, they are currently enjoying, I would give this album a listen with an open mind and join the fan base for these Canadian Rockers, oh and definitely grab hold of their latest album 'Juggernaut'.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


01. Strength in Steel
02. Concrete Jungle
03. 9-2-5
04. I Dreamed It Was The End Of The World
05. Flight Of The Bumble Beast
06. Cut Loose
07. Mad Dog
08. Straight Between The Eyes
09. Wild Eyes
10. Kiss Of Death
11. Paper General 





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