Artist:  Anvil
   Title: Worth The Weight
   Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records

Anvilís 'Hard and Heavy' and 'Metal on Metal' are well known to most metal fans, but 'Worth The Weight' seemed to slip under the radar, as things had been quiet on the Anvil front for a while until they released it, (one of their finest albums) in 1992.  This is the only release featuring Sebastian Marino, who replaced guitarist Dave Allison.  'Worth The Weight' has some cracking tunes on it and is definitely worth investing your hard earned cash on.  Of the three re-releases, this album outshines 'Strength of Steel' and 'Pound for Pound' by miles.

All of the songs are dead heavy and pretty damn brutal.  Album opener 'Infanticide' sets the mood nicely and then you are taken 'On The Way To Hell', and if this is what hell sounds like, I am definitely going!  'Bushpig' is as hard as hell and played at full blast will literally blow your speakers.  The album has a Sabbathy groove going on throughout it, which is especially prevalent on the outstanding 'Pow Wow'.  The final track 'Sadness / Love Me When Iím Dead', is in a word ďawesomeĒ and has a doomy feel to it, with stupendous guitar playing.  

Itís just a shame this album wasnít given much recognition, it seemed to have been overlooked when it was first released.  These Canadian rockers pulled off a master stroke with this work!!!

Itís great to see these albums being repackaged and re-released, as Anvil are back and making people sit up and take notice of them again.

The album is available as a digipak with new booklets including liner notes from Robb and Lips.  'Worth The Weight' will also be released on vinyl for the very first time.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Infanticide
2. On The Way To Hell
3. Bushpig
4. Embalmer
5. Pow Wow
6. Sins Of The Flesh
7. A.Z. #85
8. Sadness / Love Me when I'm Dead



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