Artist:  AOR
   Title: Journey To LA
   Label: Escape Music

Now this is my first taste of the AOR project. The brainchild of Frederic Slama, with the backing team of Tommy Denander and Philip Bardowell providing that West Coast magic.  Beginning way back in 2000 and the AOR project has now reached itís 6th release, 'Journey To LA'. 

The talent on display reads like a whoís who of the melodic rock scene, Steve Overland, Fergie Frederickson, Steve Lukather, Bill Champlin, David Diggs amongst many others 

Kicking off the CD 'Waiting in the Darkness' features the vocal talents of Steve Overland and he has managed to give it an FM funky edge to the song.  Phil Bardowell turns in an impressive performance on Donít Turn Back sounding punchy and melodic.

'Love Remains Strong' slows things down and just floats across the speakers with itís pronounced keyboards and melodic chorus.  'Read The Signs' couldíve featured on Journeyís 'Raised On Radio' album, yes it has that soulful feel with a Foreigner style chorus.

'Just For Love' starts off with good intentions but relaxes into a mid-tempo vibe.  Fergie Frederickson turns in an excellent vocal on 'Desperate Dreams', I canít help but love his vocal style.  'Never Surrender' is up next and has a laid back feel but the vocal and guitars hit the listener hard and the solo just burns

'The View Of You' continues the quality musicianship with another quality Bardowell  vocal performance.  'Heartless' is probably the weakest track on here but oozes a late 70ís early 80ís West Coast vibe.  'West Into The Sun' takes the listener in a totally different direction, the jazzy vibe and feel remind me of local boy Chris Rea. This is a totally laid back tune perfect for summer eveningsÖ..although those evenings wonít be around until 2010!

'Lost In Your Eyes' has Toto written all over it.  Closing the album is the instrumental track 'Youíre My Obsession' which reminds me of Toto, U2, and Pink Floyd! 

The production on here isnít exactly big budget and the songs are mainly average but this is very easy listening and not bad for playing while beavering away on the computer or doing a bit of tidying up.

Review by Brassy


01. Waiting In The Darkness
02. Don't Turn Back
03. Love Remains The Same
04. Read The Signs
05. Just For Love
06. Desperate Dreams
07. Never Surrender
08. The View Of You
09. Heartless
10. West Into The Sun
11. Lost In Your Eyes



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