Artist: A Perfect Day  
   Title: A Perfect Day
   Label: Frontiers Records

A Perfect Day is the new Italian sensation formed by Labyrinth co-founder Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain), who along with fellow Labyrinth members Roberto Tiranti (vocals and bass) and Alessandro Bissa (drums), their mission is to bring forth modern rock with a heavy dose of melody, enriched with a hard edged guitar sound, with all the panache as only an Italian band can muster.

From the opener ‘Another Perfect Day’ you know you're in for a treat, as Roberto Tiranti delivers a sonically superb vocal built around a power riff courtesy of Rain and a monster rhythm section of Bissa and Tiranti.

The heady bass ridden tones continue with the darker tones of ‘Now And Forever’, a track equally impressive as the opener.  After the savage assault on the senses of the opening two songs, the trio show they're prepared to be versatile with their sound, as they bring in a touch of Melodic Rock with the stunning ‘Long Road To Ruin’.

Then it’s a switch back the heavier tones with the wonderful modern rocker ‘Alone And Free (Rockblind)’ and the epic wonderment that is ‘Silent Cry’.  The latter being six minutes of pure bliss, with Tiranti giving his best vocal of the album so far.

The modern rock continues with one of my favourite tracks off the album, the multifaceted splendour that is ‘Under The Same Sun’.  Featuring another a stunning delivery by Tiranti.  The high quality tunes just keep on coming as the album continues to impress with the ballad ‘Here We Are Again’ and the all out rocker ‘Waiting On The Edge’, before another haunting semi-ballad ‘Warm Embrace’.

The album closes on a high with the massive massive ‘We Only Say Goodbye’, which wraps a great debut and shows the diversity of these three artists, who are willing to experiment outside of their associated genres and show a different side that maybe their fans didn’t realise they had.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Another Perfect Day
2. Now And Forever
3. Long Road To Ruin
4. Alone And Free (Rockblind)
5. Silent Cry
6. Under The Same Sun
7. Here We Are Again
8. Waiting On The Edge
9. Warm Embrace
10. We Only Say Goodbye



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