Artist:  Aquefrigide
   Title: Un Caso Isolato
   Label: Subsound Records

Aquefrigide is the brainchild of Italian hardcore superstar Bre Beskyt Deyrene.  Joining the fold on this release are Klaus on bass and Alex on drums.  Together this trio deliver a strangely infectious blend of gothic hardcore metal with a touch of Italian panache.

Although the entire album is sung in Bre’s native Italian, it’s the nature of the album that attracts you to it.  The sometimes haunting melodies mixed with the traditional solid metal sound work surprisingly well.

From the onset it’s clear that Aquefrigide will only appeal to a limited few, but it’s the nature of the band not to be your radio friendly Italian pop band.

Stand out tracks on the album are the ‘Mefisto Hobbit', with its almost Disturbed like chorus lines and heavy bass, and the highly charged ‘Troto’ which is almost post modern punk in its conception.

The album closer has to be my favourite track off the album with the band taking the acoustic line with ‘Fragile No Electro’, which shows the band in a much softer light.

The entire album is a magical mix of dark and light tracks that may have a limited audience but if  you’re a fan of the likes of Korn, Disturbed and Marilyn Manson and the like, I’m sure you will appreciate this album.


1. Detesto
2. Anima
3. Soffio Veleno
4. Mefisto Hobbit
5. Trota
6. Vegetale
7. Ago Primavera
8. Carne Cruda
9. Paralisi Anemica
10. Freddo Mercurio
11. Nebulosa
12. Testa Infesta
13. Strix
14. Fenis 6 Morto
15. Fragile No Elektro



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