Artist:  Arnocorps
   Title: The Greatest Band In The World
   Label: Anticulture Records

If your going to make it in this business then getting a gimmick is always a sure way of making headlines in the music press ... and ArnoCorps have certainly got something of a gimmick going here, although it may be short lived if a certain Hollywood actor ever decides to quit making movies.

The said actor is non other than the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Every single track on this album is heavily influenced by one of Arnie's many films from over the years.

The band are San Francisco based and have apparently gathered somewhat of a following in the state of California.  It seems although the band arenít to be taken too seriously, their self titled genre of Action-Adventure-Hardcore-Rock and Roll is a joy to listen to.  I guess when the world is getting a little too hard to bare, it's good to unwind with an album that brings a wry grin to your face.

A must for all Arnie fans and those of you who like me, enjoy a laugh now and again.



1. Arno Intro
2. Predator
3. True Lies
4. Total Recall
5. Commando
6. Collateral Damage
7. End of Days
8. Sixth Day
9. Running Man
10. Raw Deal
11. Eraser
12. Crom (Strong on his Mountain)
13. Wheel of Pain
14. Terminator
15. Last action Hero



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