Artist:  Artension
   Title: Sacred Pathways
   Label: Frontiers Records

Describing their music as Neoclassic Progressive Metal, quite what this band would sound like I wasn't entirely sure. By the time I was half way through listening to the first track I soon got the picture.

It's big production songs with tales of epic journeys and which focus more towards the actual musical side of the songs than the vocals themselves. While the words paint an outline of what the nature of songs are all about, it is the music behind the words that help create this sonic symphony. This is the sort of music that you can relax to and sit back and let it wash through your body as it bombards you with its explosion on the senses.

If you like this type of rock then you'll thoroughly enjoy this album as it's very good at what it's set out to accomplish. Hardly surprising perhaps when you take a look at the pedigree of artists it has performing on this album. On vocals we have John West from the band Royal Hunt. The wizard behind the keyboards is non other than Ring of Fire's very own Vitalij Kuprij. The things that man can do with a keyboard are really quite astounding. He really knows how to put the 'pro' into progressive rock. On bass we have Kevin Chown (Magnitude 9 & Tiles) and lastly on drums we have Mike Terrana (Rage, Axel Rudi Pell).

The songs seem to go on forever, but if this is how you get your kicks then I'm sure you'll enjoy this album.


1. Voyage to Nasca
2. Your Victory
3. Running out of Time
4. Sacred Pathways
5. Silent Temple
6. The Emperor
7. Nightmare
8. The Killing
9. The calm before the Storm
10. March to Ruin
11. Flower of the Orient
12. Nightmare (Radio Edit)



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