Artist: Ascension 
   Title: Far Beyond The stars
   Label: Spiritual Beast

Hailing for Aberdeen, Ascension's mission is a simple one, to bring big-ass twin guitar licks to the Power Metal genre, along with earth shattering drumming, sonic bass lines and fiery vocals, and this is what is they’ve done in monstrous overtures with their album ‘Far Beyond The Stars’, recorded at the aptly named Sonic Train Studio’s in Sweden.  Be prepared to step on board the fret-express with Ricki Carnie (vocals), Stuart Docherty (guitars), Fraser Edwards (guitars), Dick Gilchrist (drums) and Nick Black (bass guitar), and ride the lightening charged rails of Power Metal to all stations North, East, South and West. 

Right from the opening barrage of ‘Somewhere Back In Time’ and 'Blackthorn’, two power metal monsters that open up the right perfectly and showcase the fact that this band are really going for the jugular, right from the off.

Their no-holds barred frenzied attack continues at full throttle with ‘Reflected Life’ and the double bass drum barrage of ‘Heavenly’, before the eight minute epic ‘Moongate’.  Another thunderous mix of bass guitars, drums and fret-burning licks get this underway, before Carnie unleashes another power-driven vocal assault.

The screaming licks come thick and fast as the album continues its outrageous speed fest with ‘Orb Of The Moon’s’, before things slow down to almost walking pace, compared to what has gone before, with the haunting melodies of ‘The Silver Tide’.  Just as you catch your breath it's time to pick it up once more with the thumping ‘The Time Machine’.

It’s all change once more for ‘Far Beyond The Stars’, which is the intro to a melodic power driven metal of Ascension for the stunning ‘The Avatar’, before the album closes in emphatic style with the blistering ‘Time For War’.

This is definitely one hell of a debut release and I’m now that they've just signed a worldwide release deal with Spiritual Beast records in Japan, things can only get better for these guys.  The Japanese date for the release of this album is 21/3/2012, with the European / UK / USA dates tbc soon, so if you like your metal at full throttle and you're into the likes of Dragon Force, Power Quest and Hammerfall, then these guys are definitely the ones for you.


1. Somewhere Back In Time
2. Blackthorn
3. Reflected Life
4. Heavenly
5. Moongate
6. Orb Of The Moon's
7. The Silver Tide
8. The Time Machine
9. Far Beyond The Stars (Avatar Intro)
10. The Avatar
11. Time For War (Japanese bonus)



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