Artist:  Asia
   Title: Aura
   Label: Acadia

The kings of pomp return with there strongest album for many an eon Aura and the version I have in front of me with the 3 bonus tracks is exceptional.

If any body has been unlucky to get the jewel case version they are probably missing out on one of the albums highlights, the final track 'Hands of Time' with Ian Crichton on guitar

It wasn't until I listened to Aura that the Saga similarities really stand out a mile .. Not since the classic Heat of the Moment has Asia made an album with so many tunes with commercial potential, check out The Longest Night and The Last Time these 2 tunes would grace any melodic rock chart in there own right.  Even the instrumental title track has that poppy almost Santana feel to it.

Obviously with Asia not having many full time members the guest list reads like a who's who along with the already mentioned Crichton on guitar other notables include Steve Howe and Pat Thrall on guitar as well as Tony Levin on bass and the awesome Simon Phillips on drums.

A quality release by a British band, I guess there must be something in the water.

(This review was brought to you courtesy of The Groove Machine.)

  1. Awake
  2. Whenever You Are
  3. Ready To Go Home
  4. Last Time
  5. Forgive Me
  6. Kings Of The Day
  7. On The Coldest Day In Hell
  8. Free
  9. You’re The Stranger
  10. Longest Night
  11. Aura
  12. Under The Gun
  13. Come Make My Day
  14. Hands Of Time




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