Artist:  As I Lay Dying
   Title: Decas
   Label: Metal Blade Records

This Californian death-core band have the addition of all being Christians.  This is their seventh album and their second compilation.  As the band has said, their religion infects every part of their life and is just a facet of their personality.  Decas as an album was brought about in honour of their first decade together as a band, albeit with changes and substitutes littering the bandís career.

The compilation includes three new songs which open the album, four covers and many other remixes and changes to earlier songs.  The covers focus on Judas Priest, Slayer and Descendants, with the four spread out between them (Judas Priest get two).  The new songs use their typically fast and skilled guitar work with the screamo vocals pushed at a pace and speed rivaled by many.  The first three songs are typical As I Lay Dying, following the standard they have set themselves across the decade.  The slightly echoing, long notes used in the vocals are complimented by the guitars as they fall in after the vocal, creating a riff that deepens to allow the darker, growlier vocals to come into play.

The four covers ('War Ensemble', 'Hellion', 'Electric Eye' and 'Coffee Mug') take the middle part of the album, allowing the quintet to push themselves in different ways, including darker vocals and speedy guitars.  The Judas Priest covers are slower, and not what we are used to hearing from them, but they are skillfully executed and compliment their skills to perfection, allowing for a different side of their abilities to come to the fore.  They still manage to bring in the speedier side of their abilities in the Judas Priest covers.

The remixes in a way count as filler, but are still essential listening for any AILD fan.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Paralyzed
2. From Shapeless To Breakable
3. Moving Forward
4. War Ensemble (Slayer cover)
5. Hellion (Judas Priest cover)
6. Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover)
7. Coffee Mug (Descendants cover)
8. Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes (Re-Recorded Melody)
9. The Blinding Of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix)
10. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman Remix)



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