Artist:  Assailant
   Title: Nemesis Within
   Label: Dockyard 1 

Nemesis Within is the debut release from young Swedish band Assailant, who were formed by Oskar Norberg and Joakim Jonsson, who later found vocalist Peder Sundquist and together the trio started writing together.  Now the trio needed to complete the band so they brought in Patrik Larsson on drums, Marcus Sundbom on guitars and completing the line up Peder Sandstrom on keyboards.

The band are one of the new breed of young bands that defy the whole genre thing and simply want to just play their music to the masses.

The album itself opens up with ‘Lies’, a clear assault on the senses with its rampaging pace and outstanding vocals of Sundquist being one of the highlights not just of the track, but the entire album.

The album continues with ‘Buried Alive’, a great track that is full of swooping guitar solos and some pretty intense rhythm sections courtesy of Larsson and Jonsson.

On ‘Edge of Forever’ the keyboards of Sandstrom make their presence felt along with that amazing rhythm section and the incredible power of Sundquist’s vocals.  The track is so intense and it's because of that intensity that this particular track is one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The band take a modern approach to the whole metal scene and with ‘Downward Spiral’ this is brought to the forefront with the guitars being allowed to run riot against the intense vocals of Sundquist.

The modern metal theme is kept up with ‘Until The End’ along with ‘Downward Spiral’, both tracks wouldn't be amiss on Scuzz TV along side the likes of In Flames and New Found Glory.

But it’s the flamboyant keyboard tracks like ‘Eternal’ that really do it for me on this album, you can’t beat a bit of flouncy fluffy keyboards now and again.

The intense metal continues with ‘Mental State’, ‘Shattered’, and the excellent ‘Tomorrow’.  The pace is picked up again on ‘Vanity Unfolds’, a song that is very Lost Prophets in its structure, but with a lot more melody and passion from the vocals.

The album closes with Sundquist at his most intense on ‘My Awakening’, with the rest of the band bringing up the rear with some pretty intense stuff themselves.  This is a very impressive first release from the band and the refusal to be labelled into any genre makes this album accessible listening for all fans of good modern metal.


1. Lies
2. Buried Alive
3. Edge of Forever
4. Downward Spiral
5. Until the End
6. Eternal
7. Mental State
8. Shattered
9. Tomorrow
10. Vanity Unfolds
11. My Awakening



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