Artist:  As We Fight
   Title: Midnight Tornado
   Label: Dockyard 1 

Danish metal heads As We Fight return to the fold with 'Midnight Tornado', the bands second album and most ferocious effort so far.

This blend of Scandinavian metalcore sound, mixed with the familiar metal guitars and thumping double kick drum, rates high among the youth market of today and that’s where the bands market lies.

The band have spent most of the period between this and their debut album 'Black Nails and Bloody Wrists' conquering the European festival scene, with includes more than twenty festival appearances throughout Europe, together with shows in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and their home Denmark.

The album itself is pure aggressive hardcore metal at its extreme, especially the twin vocal assault of Jason Campbell and Laurits Medom, who use the mike as an extension of themselves as they put every inch of guts and sweat into their vocal performance, both live and on record, so much so the band recently won the Danish Metal Award for best live band.

The album is pure full on metal from the start with ‘Escaping The Poisoned Hands Of Despair’ and ‘Where Eagles Turn’ just ripping out the sheer aggressive primeval hardcore tone that fans of the genre are just going to love to bits.

The album continues its assault on the senses with ‘Dead End Streets’, a more guitar fuelled attack than the previous two tracks, but still that hardcore aggressive vocals style dominates the track.

The tempo is picked up with ‘Standing At The Gates Of Failure’, the blistering ‘Coldhearted’, and the riff drenched darker tones ‘Breathe The Disease’.

The pace and tempo of the album is just mind bending as we reach the halfway point of the album.  The intensity seems to increase with the double kick drum seemingly dominating the tracks like ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Slay The First Born’, whereas the likes of  ‘Left In Torment’ and ‘The Orchestra Of Death’ are strewn with some fantastic metal guitar.

The album closes with two thunderous hardcore tracks, firstly ‘The Path of Death’ with Campbell giving his most commanding vocal performance of the album, before finishing off the album with the bass ridden angst of ‘This Fuck Is My Last Goodbye’.  Both of which round off an album


1. Escaping The Poisoned Hands Of Despair
2. Where Eagles Turn
3. Dead End Turn
4. Standing At The Gates Of Failure
5. Coldhearted
6. Breathe The Disease
7. Annihilation 
8. Left In Torment
9. Slay The Firstborn 
10. The Orchestra Of Death 
11. The Path Of The Dead
12. This Fuck You Is My Last Goodbye



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