Artist: Atlantic
   Title: Power
   Label: Escape Music 

Just a the grunge scene was twisting the knife into the Melodic Rock scene a number of bands had just released their debut albums, but the record companies saw the draw of Grunge and the mighty dollar going hand in hand.  So many bands fell by the wayside leaving one album legacies that should have propelled the bands into stardom.

Now Escape Music are about to set the record straight for one band Atlantic and their debut album 'Power' by re-releasing it in all its glory, plus one bonus track.

Although the album was first released in 1994, there is still that part of the bands sound that was way ahead of its time and fits in well with what the Melodic Rock bands of today are putting out.  Whether it’s a case of the past overtaking the present or today’s bands relying on old sounds, one thing is certain, 'Power' is a great Melodic Rock album and is worthy of its re-release.

With Phil Bates bringing that passionate vocal to every song alongside Simon Harrison and Andy Van Evans handling the guitar duties, this album should have been massive for what this trio brought to the table as a band alone.

Things get underway with ‘It’s Only Love’ and from the off you're taken back to a bygone age when bands were passionate about what they did and this was brought out in their music.  They were real musicians playing from the heart.

The album isn’t just for nostalgic rockers though, this is a real album full of melody and really great rock songs as is shown on the excellent ‘Power Over Me’ and the equally superb power ballad ‘When The War Is Over’.  Two sterling slices of pure AOR that have touches of Bad English and dare I say it, FM.

This album isn’t all ballads though as the band could really rock it up and did just that in great abundance on the excellent ‘Bad Blood’ and the equally good ‘Can’t Hold On’, although the track of the album for me has to be 'Hands Of Fate’, a great mid tempo track that will have today’s Melodic Rock crowd in raptures as Bates brings out his best vocal offering for this one.

The high quality AOR is continued throughout the album with the likes of ‘Dangerous Games’ and the subliminal heart-tugger ‘Nothing To Loose’, and with the inclusion of the bonus track ‘Hearts On Fire’, this album is a must buy whether you're a lover of good honest British Rock from back when we were masters at this sort of thing, or an age old fan who purchased the original album first time around. 

This album shows the high calibre of British musicianship around at that time and this legacy has been maintained, although it has been kept at an underground level as the country has been overtaken with one hit wonders and made for TV bands, but I’m sure the good times will come again. 

It’s hard to believe that this album never propelled the band to greater things but times were a changing in the music world, some say for the better others are still not so sure.

Albums like this were meant to be played by the masses and the band members were destined to be household name, but alas this wasn’t so.  So with this re-release maybe a little of what was meant to be can be reproduced and the name of Atlantic won’t be gone and forgotten.


1. It's Only Love
2. Power Over Me
3. When The War Is Over
4. Bad Blood
5. Can't Hold On
6. Hands Of Fate 
7. Every Beat Of My Heart 
8. Dangerous Games
9. Nothing To Loose 
10. Hard To Believe
11. Hearts On Fire (bonus track)



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