Artist:  Atomic Ants
   Title: Keep Cool And Dry
   Label: Copro Records

The Italian metal scene is full of variety and diversity, and to prove that very point Atomic Ants bring something fresh and new to the whole scene.

Their mix of Funk Metal and melodic choruses mixed with a little retro pop in the form of an excellent cover of ‘Through The Barricades’ (yes the Spandau Ballet song) makes for interesting listening.

I wasn’t convinced at first whether I would like this album but its like a new pair of shoes they will hurt at first but after time they become more comfortable after each wear, so after coming back to this album several times it does grow on you.

The album opens up with the amusingly titled ‘Porcupine Lips’ with its funky bass lines and tuned out guitar. But its ‘John G. that really gets the album started with its infectious rhythm, very Chilli Peppers.

The band slow things down a little with ‘Fly’ and ‘Camogli’ two very commercial American style rock songs.

Things switched dramatically with ‘Mariah’ a more funk based track the feel is continued with ‘Mr. President Combo #1’ and ‘Real Sport’.

If I had to pick a favourite track then apart from the excellent Spandau Ballet cover then it would have to be ‘ From Dusk Till Dawn’ a real groove fest of a track.

Like a said before this album takes a few listens but it’s worth persevering with.

  1. Porcupine Lips
  2. John G
  3. The Donor & The Receiver
  4. Fly
  5. Camogli
  6. Mariah
  7. Mr President Combo #1
  8. The Real Sport
  9. Cupid
 10. From Dusk Till Dawn
 11. Fidji
 12. Mirror
 13. Through The Barricades
 14. Shitman



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