Artist:  Attica Rage
   Title: Road dog
   Label: Rocksector Records

Attica Rage hail from Glasgow and deliver Hard Rock with edge in the vein of The Almighty, led by Jonny Parr guitar and lead vocals who along with Stevie Bell on guitar, Big C on bass and Richie Rage on drums, play no nonsense hard riff fuelled rock n' roll.

The band have created such a buzz they are deemed festival stalwarts with multiple appearances on Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest and Hard Rock Hell Road Trip Ibiza and Metalcamp in 2008 and 09, and all this just on the strength of their self financed debut release ‘Ruin Nation’, so imagine what the band are going to achieve with the release of this their second full length album ‘Road Dog’.

The album is as ballsy a Hard Rock release as you’ll hear this year.  I said earlier that the band have that Almighty feel about them, well this is mainly due to the straight shooting chunky guitars packed with more punch that Mike Tyson.  From the opener ’36 Insane’ the band take no prisoners and continue to bring on the big guns with the impressive ‘Hacked For Vanity’ and the rockin’ bluesy guitar laden ‘Road Dog Forever’.

Things just get better and better as each track unfolds and delivers big chunky heady bass lines courtesy of Big C.  All interwoven with some sublime guitars licks from Parr and Bell, but the band aren’t all about smash and grab, hit and run moments, they do have some tender moments and they are just a good as the more up-tempo songs.  Take the excellent ‘Through The Inner Eye’, this one is as melody rich as any song you’ll here inside the genre, with Parr and Bell both excelling on the old six string razor.

It's back to the heavier almost stoner metal feel with the thumping ‘Contradictions’. Again a big bass line from Big C drives this one ever forward, before switching once more for the more melodic but equally heady tones of ‘Ashamed’ and the sonically superb ‘High’.

The second half of the album gets off to a more sedate and gentle start with ‘Lost’, a track that wouldn't have been amiss on Alice Coopers ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ album, it has that same dark haunting feel about it.

The band have a chance to show off their musicianship with the instrumental ‘Attica’, a track that mixes classical guitar and cello, which comes courtesy of Christie Connor-Vernai, in a Deer Hunter style.  Such is the diverse nature of this album, it's back to the heavier hard rockin’ with the old school rocker ‘Altered Reality’ and the excellent ‘One Minute Silence’, another track that brings in that Almighty feel to things.

Keeping up the heavier feel is the thumping darker edged ‘Change Of The Iris’, before the tempo and edge are brought down just a touch with haunting tones ‘Swimming With Sharks’.  The album comes to a close as it opened up with the riff fuelled rocker and aptly titled ‘Back To The Old School’, which rounds off a great album that will surely project the band to great heights in 2011.  


1. 36 Insane
2. Hacked For Vanity
3. Road Dog Forever
4. Through The Inner Eye
5. Contradictions
6. Ashamed
7. High
8. Lost
9. Altea
10. Altered Reality
11. One Minute Silence
12. Change In The Iris
13. Swimming With Sharks
14. Back To The Old School



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