Artist:  At Vance
   Title: Facing Your Enemy
   Label: AFM Records

In 2007 At Vance returned with their 'VII' album and their new vocalist Rick Altzi, that album simply blew everyone away.  Not only was this a great return to form but it highlighted the vocal might of Altzi.

Now that same vocal prowess is brought to fold once more with the bands superb new album ‘Facing Your Enemy’.

The album gets underway with the powerful ‘Heaven Is Calling’ and from the off Altzi unleashes his full vocal might with the guitars of founder Olaf Lenk at their flamboyant best.

The prog-metal vibe that has become the backbone of the At Vance is continued with excellent title track ‘Facing Your Enemy’, the vocals and guitars compliment each other perfectly, showcasing perfectly what a great match they are for each other, but for those of you who like a little more edge fear not, they don’t come any more edgy than the rockin ‘Eyes Of A Stranger’.

There is no resting on their laurels as the album continues to mix things up, this time the melodic metal of ‘Fear No Evil’ takes over and with Altzi delivering a vocal presence that reminds of a mix between Ronnie James and Tony Martin, think Heaven and Hell Sabbath meets Southern Cross Sabbath for this one.

It's back to the flamboyant guitar licks of Lenk and those awesome vocals of Altzi for the towering ‘Live & Learn’, before the tempo is brought down a touch with the haunting melodies of the excellent ‘Don’t Dream' and ‘See You Crying’.

The tempo is picked up big style as Lenk leads the way with a flurrying solo at the start of the ‘Saviour’, before paying homage to German Melodic Rockers Tokyo the band, with their storming version of ‘Tokyo’.

It’s back to the original material once more with the instrumental ‘March Of The Dwarf’ and the stormingly anthemic ‘Fame And Fortune’

The album closes with something rather special in ‘Things I Never Needed’, not only is it a great ballad, but we also get to hear what a great set of vocals Lenk has, as he rounds things off with a very emotive closing track, which shows us all just what a versatile artist Lenk is, and that At Vance are a band that can still surprise us all.  Just when you thought you’d heard the last of them with the compilation album ‘Decade’, At Vance come back bigger and better and facing their enemies straight on and with plenty of fire in their bellies once more.  


1. Heaven Is Calling
2. Facing Your Enemy
3. Eyes Of A Stranger
4. Fear No Evil
5. Live & Learn
6. Don't Dream
7. See Me Crying
8. Saviour
9. Tokyo
10. March Of The Dwarf
11. Fame and Fortune
12. Things I Never Needed



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