Artist: Audiodriver 
   Title: Audiodriver
   Label: Independent Release

Having recently seen Audiodriver in Glasgow (see Furyon review 2012), I can attest to their brilliance and have managed to get hold of their debut EP which is selling out very fast in their hometown of Glasgow’s HMV stores and is in fact the best seller for an unsigned band in the city. 

Kicking off with drums and a swirling guitar Audiodriver open the EP with 'To the Bone', a competent piece with Adam Culyers vocal style and the band's sound kind of reminding me of a certain grunge band.  The song is instantly likeable.  'In My Mind' I really enjoyed with the shredding guitars and charge out of your speakers, really top musicianship and intelligent lyrics from this band.  They are on to a winner already and it is only on the second track. 

The next track like 'To The Bone' is another song I have seen the band perform live 'Let It Go', is really good.  When they played this song I knew they had something special.  I love the guitar riff age on this one and super short solos from Craig Brown make this my favourite Audiodriver track, it penetrates into your head and stays there. 

'Universal Truth' is a slower number where Adam Culyer shows his vocal abilities, really excellent bass guitar from Tony Reilly and spot on drumming by Mark Murray, and that man on lead guitar again lets go with some smart guitar work.  Awesome stuff. 

Hmm I was not too impressed with 'Who I Am' at first, but yeah it’s a winner too.  The musicianship is top drawer, but  I don’t know, I just wasn’t drawn to it like the rest of the EP.

Final track 'Reach Out' continues the rocking groove and I can see a room full of Glaswegians bopping and dancing to this number, top notch.  An excellent EP which is definitely going to get a feature on "The Metal Meltdown” show.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the brilliant Audiodriver!  I really like this band and will want to see them again soon and so should you, these guys ROCK!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. To The Bone,
2. I'm My Mind
3. Let It Go
4. Universal Truth
5. Who I Am
6. Reach Out 



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