Artist: Audio Porn 
   Title: Jezebels Kiss
   Label: JK Records

Ok, you've got the suggestive album cover, the type of name that may get someone interested enough to check you out on the internet, only to arrive at some dodgy looking site (ahem!), but what's the music like?  Audio Porn (a truly awful band name) is the "project" put together by ex-Jezebels Kiss members Azriel St .Michael and Byron Black, along with Hydrogen guitarist/producer Jeff Westlake, so you'd expect them to come up with some great sounds to match their expectations. But do they on this album?

They begin with two songs that can only be described as "pub band doing their own material" affairs, 'Deeper Than The Bone' ( language, Timothy! ) swearing 'n noise basically, and 'Cry Me A River' thankfully NOT a cover version of the classic original.  Both seem to suffer from a dull mix and production, a muffled mess that even the guitar solos can't escape from. They try their hand at early Def Leppard on 'Sweet 16', as even the lyrics come across as written by someone in their late teens, but again it's spoilt by the mix.  Thankfully 'It's Not A Dream' suddenly seems to shake off those dull sounding chains that blighted the first 3 tracks, the screaming solo and frantic drumming coming through like a huge sigh of relief as they are a sharper quality, and eventually the album comes to life.

'Above The Stars' is an up-to-date rocker that you'd expect to get from this "band", grinding riffs that you hear day in/day out on rock radio via bands such as Shinedown, and it only gets better on 'Let Me Go'.  This is pop/rock of fine quality, combining a soft-edged riff against a hard hook that works every time, and J.K. come up trumps here, a sure sign that they've got it right when someone else apart from me here says "I like that one!!"   A groover! That's the only way to describe 'Butterfly'.  It's hip-swaying vibe is SO infectious you just want more, the cutting guitar work hypnotising as it moves along, very much like The Electric Boys do brilliantly.

J.K. also hit the mark with two rock ballads (of sorts), 'Without You' being the type of love song that the younger fans these days thrive on, not too mushy, basic and with a screeching solo to top it off, something to flick their straightened fringe at! The other is 'Arms Of Suicide', a jovial little number for that  happy-go-lucky, shoe-gazing, eye-lined crowd out there, it's flanged acoustic-orientated theme well suited to the not so uplifting vocals that drag themselves through the song. Someone get me a razor blade, will you! (No pun intended).

Fortunately, you've got the best song on the album to revert to if it all gets too much.  'Breath Away' cuts and weaves in six-string heaven, the harmonies adding their penni'th worth, giving the song a sound not too unlike H.I.M. when they were good.

Don't be fooled by either the name or the album cover, Audio Porn (No, No!) are not a dirty old man's wet dream of a band, they have a sound that's right where rock is at the moment, fresh with a hint of the 90's sneaking through it at times.  If I had to mark it out of 10, I'd have to give it 6.5, though it would have been 8.5 if the first 3 tracks had been the same standard as the rest, so maybes that's something Audio Porn can rectify on their possible 2nd album if they decide to do one.

Review by: Robb Baldwin


1. Deeper Than The Bone
2. Cry Me A River
3. Sweet 16
4. It's Not A Dream
5. Above The Stars
6. Let Me Go
7. Butterfly
8. Without You
9. Breath Away
10. Cut
11. Arms Of Suicide


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