Artist:  Austrian Death Machine
   Title: Jingle All The way
   Label: Metal Blade Records 

This is a 3 song EP released by Austrian Death Machine, just in time for Christmas!  Austrian Death Machine is a side project of As I Lay Dying’s vocalist TIM, and was meant to be a parody/tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger films.  This is their fourth album and second extended play. It has Arnold’s (or a mimic’s) voice within each of the death metal songs.

Each of the songs off of the album mix death metal guitars/drums and bass to the sometimes low and growly vocals of Tim with interjections by a voice imitator of Arnold.  Strangely, this works really well on every song, with one having more of the interjections on than the other and they’re not always expected.

For something that is a bit of fun, it definitely lives up to its name, and is definitely a metal Christmas album to give to someone who loves metal!

Review by: Kerry H


1. I'm Not A Pervert
2. It's Turbo Time
3. Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?





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