Artist:  Emilie Autumn
   Title: Orpheliac
Tristol Music Group / Soulfood

The name of Emilie Autumn may be unfamiliar to some as a solo artist but may be more recognisable as a member of Courtney Loves touring band The Chelsea as has been dubbed the Anarchy Violinist

This year sees the re-release of her highly acclaimed 'Opheliac' opus to a worldwide audience.

The term gothic was made for Emilie as she mixes underlying gothic tones with harpsichord, violin and electro Goth element in an album that defines GOTH.

The album gets underway with the title track 'Opheliac', a heady mix of the aforementioned musical styles with Autumn adding her own distinctive vocals into the mix, but it’s the violins that really stand out on this track and give it its dark edge.

‘Swallow’ again brings the whole industrial Goth sound kicking and screaming into 2007 with its modern pop Goth feel.  It's a veritable dance track in the making here, whereas ‘Liar’ is a more deliberate track with Autumn making a definite statement with the vocals on this one.  The harsh realism of loves anguish is felt wholeheartedly throughout the lyrics and it's meant to be not only listened to, but also felt.

The darkness is continued with ‘The Art of Suicide’, this one has a definite Parisian feel from the vocals mixed with the subtle harpsichord and gentle violin, before it’s back to the deliberate vocal stance with the hard edged ‘I Want My Innocence Back'.

The tempo and mood is brought right back up with seemingly unlikely titled ‘Misery Loves Company’.  To describe the tempo as "up" would be stretching it, but this one has more of a contemporary mix of styles running throughout it.

It's not long before we're once again taking a trip along the darkside with ‘God Help Me’ and the harpsichord filled ‘Shalott’.

This album is as much an eclectic mix of styles as a mix of moods and feelings, as once again we enter the electro mix with the superb ‘Gothic Lolita’, where we find Emilie taking up the violin and attacking it like a classical Malmsteen, only to be driven by the music and suddenly as it really takes hold on ‘Dead Is The New Alive’, she starts to really shred that violin like some manically possessed gypsy queen.

‘I Know Where You Sleep’ is a totally different animal with its industrial tones combined with robotic like vocals, this is definite Cyber Goth.  The album closes closes with ‘Let The Record Show’, which is probably my favourite track on the whole album as Autumn comes over as a modern Lena Lovich.

The album also features two remixed tracks, firstly ‘Dead Is The New Alive’ which is given the Manipulator Mix treatment courtesy of Dope Stars Inc., and 'Liar' which is remixed by Brendon Small for the MurderMix.

This re-release is sure to get Emilie some air time in the near future so watch your late night chat shows closely because she will be there in the darkness waiting to unleash her own violin frenzied Gothic tones on an unsuspecting Friday night audience.


   1. Opheliac
   2. Swallow
   3. Liar
   4. The Art Of Suicide
   5. I Want My Innocence Back
   6. Misery Loves Company
   7. God Help Me
   8. Sharlott
   9. Gothic Lolita
  10. Dead Is The New Alive
  11. I Know Where You Sleep
  12. Let The Records Show
  13. Dead Is The New Alive (remix)
  14. Liar (remix)



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