Artist: Avantasia 
   Title: Angel Of Babylon
   Label: Nuclear Blast

'Angel Of Babylon' is the third part of the 'Scarecrow' trilogy and follows on from where 'Wicked Symphony' left off, with a quartet of the vocalists getting the opening track underway.  Sammet is joined by Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske and Russell Allen for the fantastic 'stargazers', another towering slice of pure genius from Sammet and Co. and at over nine minutes long, a real powerhouse opener to this final chapter of the trilogy.

The title track 'Angel Of Babylon' is next, this time a more keyboard and bass ridden attack with Sascha Paeth and Oliver Hartmann laying down the six string assault, while Lande and Sammet provide the vocals for this splendid piece.

We get a little heavier with the next one, 'Your Love Is Evil', a bigger bass enthused tune, still a massive tune as all the Avantasia songs have been so why should things be any different with these two albums, and this one is all Sammet on the vocals, so if you're a fan of Edguy, then this is the track for you.

'Death Is Just A Feeling' takes us on a twisted path and the only man to fill the vocals for this one is Jon Oliva, the Mountain King is his usual diverse best on this metal monster, the only other vocalist that could pull this one off is Alice Cooper in my opinion, so you get the vibe then, dark moody and menacing.

The tempo and style are soon switched as we get a little rockier with 'Rat Race', again Lande and Sammet bring the heat vocally while KISS's Bruce Kulick delivers the licks, the same rock vibe is carried on into 'Down In The Dark', again Lande is simply at his vocal best.

'Blowing Out The Flame' brings the tempo right down, this ballad really gives Sammet the opportunity to show what a great vocalist he really is, then it's time to change things around with 'Symphony Of Life', this one is pure symphonic metal full of giant guitar licks and soaring melodies, with added choral parts and with the vocals of Cloudy Yang bringing that feminine touch to the album.

Just to keep the rock blues fans happy Sammet slips in a real gem of a track in 'Alone I Remember', he and Lande unite once again for one of my favourite tracks off this part of the album, then it's all systems go for the excellent 'Promised Land', a real classy rocker and another personal favourite of mine.

speaking of favourites, one of our favourite singers on here is Bob Catley and Oor Bob brings his graceful tones to the majestic 'Journey To Arcadia', a track that rounds off another album from Sammet and Co. and ones that will feature in our albums of the year come December.


1. Stargazers
2. Angel Of Babylon
3. Your Love Is Evil
4. Death Is Just A Feeling
5. Rat Race
6. Down In The Dark
7. Blowing Out The Flame
8. Symphony Of Life
9. Alone I Remember
10. Promised Land
11. Journey To Arcadia 


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