Artist:  Axxis
   Title: Doom Of Destiny
   Label: AFM Records

Following the phenomenal success of 'Paradise In Flames' Axxis return with what is without a doubt is their strongest release to date, and following the rave reviews of 'Paradise In Flames' some thought to follow this album would be a hard, but believe me the band have gone one step further and produced an outstanding album that will simply show just why the band have been so successful since their incarnation back in 1989.

From the opening intro ‘Voices Of Destiny’ you know you're in for something rather special.  As the choral intro fades the real power of the album is unleashed with the title track ‘Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)’, from this point there is no looking back, as it's forward all the way with the almost symphonic metal tones.  New boy Marco Wriedt guitars lays waste to the track, with the distinctive vocals of Bernhard Weiss not far behind and joining Wiess is Lakonia who brings her vocals to the table once more, whist the rest of the band Andre Hilgers on drums, Rob Schomaker on bass and Harry Oellers on keys fill the track with an symphony of rampaging melodic metal.

Lakonia again duets with Wiess on ‘Better Fate’ as the pair mix the heavenly metal tones with a thunderous backbeat provided by Hilgers and Schomaker, meanwhile Wriedt lays down some wondrous licks once again.

One of my favourite tracks on this very impressive album is ‘Bloodangel’.  This one is a real tour de force as the keys of Oellers and the rhythm section gets things underway before Wiess takes up the vocals.  Wriedt joins in on this party for what is truly a slice of pure Melodic Metal.

We once again welcome the vocals of Lakonia as she duets with Wiess on the monstrous epic tones of ‘I Hear You Cry’, which carries on the heavier vibe of the album.  This heavier vibe was felt on 'Paradise' and continues with great effect on this new album and shows the band are willing to try out new ideas and keep up with current trends, while at the same time remaining true to their roots.

Things slow down with the metal ballad (complete with saxophone) ‘The Fire Still Burns’, before picking up once more with the exceptional ‘Father, Father’.  A real powerhouse of a track with the double kick assault of Hilgers laying down the foundations for Wiess and Lakonia superb vocals and Wriedts and Oellers blistering solos.

The band twist things around a little and bring a touch of Prog Metal into the mix with another of my favourite tracks ‘Revolutions’ before the rocking disco metal of ‘She Got Nine Lifes’.

It's metal all the way for the final two tracks firstly its ‘Devilish Belle’ with Wriedt showing his skills once again as he grinds out the metal chords on this one and the album closes with ‘Astoria’, another thumping rampaging slice of metal from Wiess and Co and wraps ups another great album.  With the band already lined up to appear on tour with the likes of Gamma Ray and the mighty Helloween, this is one tour you simply cannot miss. 


1. Voices Of Destiny
2. Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
3. Better Fate
4. Bloodangel 
5. I Hear You Cry
6. The Fire Still Burns
7. Father, Father
8. Revolutions
9. She Got Nine Lifes 
10. Devilish Belle
11. Astoria



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