Artist:  Axxis
   Title: Utopia
   Label: AFM Records 

Not many of today’s bands can say they will still producing high class material never mind mind still be around in twenty years time, but Axxis have reached that milestone in their career and are still producing some of the best Heavy Metal around.

'Utopia' is true blue Axxis Power Metal of the finest calibre as Berhard Weis and the rest of the band take you on a mystical ride to the metal utopia and beyond.

The album opens up with the intro ‘Journey To Utopia’ before unleashing the true might of the band with ‘Utopia’, a real ball busting anthemic slice of metal that is just superb, and one that really sets the album ablaze.  From here one there is no turning back Utopia here we come!

The superb Power Metal continues with another fantastic slice true metal ‘The Last Man On Earth’, a truly superb, top notch, all guns blazing slice of melodic metal.  The band also aren’t afraid to break new ground with this album as ‘Fass mich an’, the bands first song in their native German goes to show.  Which is still a fantastic track and takes me back to Bonfire’s 'Die Rauber' album, but perhaps with a more progressive edge.  A great hard rock track in any language.

It's none stop Metal all the way as the album continues with ‘Sarah Wanna Die’, a rampaging thumping heads down metal anthem, only stopping for breath with a metal ballad ‘Fathers Eyes’, before turning up the heat once more with the fantastic ‘The Monsters Crawl’.

With a title like ‘Eyes Of A Child’ you’d expect a more subtle ballad but hell no, the band are on a roll and keep up the high energy metal as the guitars of Marco Wriedt and the keyboards of Harry Oellers dominate this powerful almost progressive metal track.

The album continues to impress as each track unfolds revealing another masterful slice of pure Power Metal.  Things continue with ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘For You I Die’, before closing the album off with the film score like ‘Underworld’, which rounds off the bands best album to date.  As true a Power Metal release as you’ll hear this year.  Take care Helloween because this band is out to steal your crown.   


01. Journey To Utopia
02. Utopia
03. Last Man On Earth
04. Fass mich an
05. Sarah Wanna Die
06. Fathers' Eyes
07. The Monsters Crawl
08. Eyes Of A Child
09. Heavy Rain
10. For You I Will Die
11. Underworld 



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