Artist:  Ayin Aleph
   Title: Ayin Aleph 1
   Label: Invecis

Ayin Aleph was born in Moscow and from an early age took an interest in music taking up the piano at the tender age of four, and by the time she was eight she was playing her own pieces for audiences. When she left Russia she furthered her musical expanse by studying at the Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles in Paris and then onto the European Conservatory.

It’s not very often that we get an album as diverse at this one in our post bag, to say Aleph mixes genres and styles is an understatement the mix of Operatic vocals with Metal guitars and Symphonic undertones is just extraordinary.

From the off I knew this would be a challenge but I persevered and got through the album unscathed, if you imagine Bjork meets Nightwish with a touch of Kate Bush and an Apocalyptica arrangement then you wouldn’t be far wrong in what the album represents.

If I had to pick some highlights from the album then the angst guitar ridden melodrama of  ‘Aleph’ the outrageous gothic overtones of ‘Vampires Night’ and the dark burlesque of ‘Sebastian’s Prayer’ and the haunting tones of ‘The Purchase Of The Cathedral’ are just a couple of tracks worth noting on this extraordinary piece.

This isn’t my usual fodder musically but worth a listen, if you want something completely different and verging on the dramatic, would love to see excerpts from Aleph’s stage show because I can only imagine a mix between Alice Coopers 70’s shows and Carmen.


01. Hamlet 
02. My Bloody Marriage
03. Aleph
04. Grey Ashes 
05. Butterfly
06. Bridge
07. Valpurgis Night
08. Sebastian's Prayer
09. Army Of Love
10. My Bloody Marriage II 
11. The Purchase Of The Cathedral
12. Black Roses
14. ES Muss Sein
15. Alcove Rhapsody
16. I Came
17. Greed
18. The End
19. I Miss You  



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