Artist:  Azaghal
   Title: Nemesis
   Label: Moribund Records

This is the eleventh album from these Finnish black metallers.  The band has an impressive resume containing a long history in black metal, from 1995 to the present day.  This is the first album in three years from the black metal quintet.

Even if you don’t like this style of music, the talent within the band is unleashed in away anyone can listen to – if you take the lyrics out, even if they are dark and growly.  This vocalising doesn’t detract from the metallic; in fact it enhances the deep, dark tone of the band.

A problem is not being able to hear the drums, but this is intentional as they only really had a full-time drummer for live work.  The band is focused around the vocals and the guitars/bass, with the drummer occasionally clashing through the cacophonous guitars.  Surprisingly they are not particularly heavy, using faster riffs and hooks to mesh the two guitars and make them sound as if they are on in places.

The vocalist sticks to his range; deep and growly.  When he can be heard, it is almost as if he was an afterthought and the majority of songs are carried by the instrumentals.  His voice is also echoic, as if coming from a different place from the others.

A niggle is that some of the guitar work sounds the same across the album, and this does have an effect on the enjoyment of it.  A favourite song at the moment, however, is 'Pohjoisen Valkoinen Kuolema', which shows the mastery of both instrument and vocals over their 16 year history.  The mix between English and Finnish named songs belies their history but also doesn't alienate non-Finnish speaking fans.

Review by: Kerry H


1. De Masticatione Mortuoum
2. Pohjoisen Valkoinen Kuolema
3. Vihasta ja Veritoista
4. Hail The Whole
5. Ex Nihilo
6. In Death Like Silence
7. Black Legions Of Satan
8. Nemesis
9. The Pit Of Shoggoths
10. Satanic Devotion



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