Artist:  Babylon Bombs
   Title: Hometown Hero
   Label: Smilodon

Hot on the heels of fellow glam rockers Backyard Babies, Gemini 5 and The Hellicopters, Babylon Bombs bring forth their latest single to showcase their own brand of good time party rock. 

Taken from their second album 'Doin' You Nasty', we have the headliner 'Hometown Hero' and what a great radio friendly song we have here.  With a more hooks than your slaughter house and a sing along chorus that isn't a million miles away from The Wildhearts in their earlier days, this band aren't afraid to express themselves.   Simply stunning, this is a great opener which includes a powerful chugging groove and some wicked foot-tapping melodies.

A tad more akin to the Backyard Babies perhaps is the second song 'Delirious', which has sleaze rock and sultry good times written all over it.  Pumping through the speakers at a faster pace than it's predecessor, this is fantastic introduction to the band for this reviewer.

A very impressive release by a band that are destined for bigger and better things if this single is anything to go by.  The energy this band exude is simply breathtaking.  Although nothing original, this is one party rock band that this particular reviewer will be keeping a watchful eye for in future.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed.


1. Hometown Hero
2. Delirious







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