Artist:  Bad Habit
   Title: Timeless
   Label: AOR Heaven

Formed back in 1986 by Hal Marabel and now ex-keyboard player Doc Pat Shannon, Bad Habit have always been one of the most popular bands of the Melodic Rock genre and triumphantly returned after a break with their '[ear say]' in 2005 and then with the excellent 'Above And Beyond' in 2008.  The band recently signed a deal with AOR Heaven records and intend on releasing a new studio album in 2011, but before that they have put together a "best of" album that incorporates the bands career so far and is aptly titles 'Timeless'.

This new album is one all those who want the best the band have to give over the years and is a perfect reminder of what the band have contributed to the genre and why they are still on the list of top bands in the genre.

To say this is a dream album for fans of the band is an understatement, you'll find all your favourites on here and songs you might have forgotten about.

Whether you're into the hard rock of the more gentle side of the genre, this album has it all from the opener 'Turning Water Into wine', to the last 'Need Somebody'.  To be honest there isn't a filler on the whole album and there is enough to keep even the die hard fans happy.  This is sixteen (yes count em) slice of pure Melodic and Hard Rock that are as the title says TIMELESS.


1. Turning Water Into Wine
2. Rock This Town
3. Play The Game
4. Heart Of Mine
5. A Lot To Learn
6. Rowena
7. Lost Without You
8. Hunger
9. Winner Takes It All
10. Every Time I See You
11. Another Night
12. I Don't Want You
13. Sad But True
14. Living On The Edge
15. Surrender
16. Need Somebody



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