Artist:  Bad Sister
   Title: Because Rust Never Sleeps
   Label: Distinct Music

It's been a long long time coming, eighteen years to be precise, but finally Bad Sister return with their long awaited third album ‘Because Rust Never Sleeps’, which take you back to the those glory days of the 80’s when Melodic Rock ruled the airwaves worldwide.  Think a cross between Europe and Romeo’s Daughter and you won’t be far off what this new album sounds like.

Right from the opener ‘Surrender’ it’s clear that Bad Sister have remained true to their first two albums with their overall sound, with new vocalist Suzie Lohmar the main focus for the album.

This album will go down well with the die-hard melodic rock fans (you know who you are), but there is enough for those of us who also embrace the modern sound of the genre.

The album continues its Melodic Rock vibe with ‘Zone Zero’.  There is a true 80’s vibe around this track as with the following track ‘Take Me As I Am’.  This song has Foreigner and Reo Speedwagon written all over it.

Although the band have stuck to that 80’s vibe there are a few more modern elements in the album with ‘Unless You Talk To Me’ and the exceptional ballad ‘Carry On’, both helping to bring that sound bang up to date.

The pace is picked up with the Deep Purple/Montrose vibe of ‘Rocky Road’.  This is Burn meets Space Station No. 5 for sure, complete with that Hammond organ sound.

One of my favourite tracks off the album has to be the groove filled ‘Heat Of The Night’, a song that wouldn’t go amiss on any of the Beverly Hill Cop movie soundtracks.  Whereas ‘Hard Times Shuffle' reminds me very much of Firehouse’s latest material.  A true modern Melodic Rock classic.

What melodic album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad or two and this album has a corker in the form of ‘Don’t Love Me Again’, as Lohmar takes this one by the neck and gives it her all.

Another of my favourite tracks off the album has to be the up-tempo rocker ‘Through The Night’, this is where guitarist Sven Lange really comes into his own. Then it's the riff enthused hard rockin' of ‘Blackmailed’, which is where the band have really pushed the Melodic Rock envelope with a great sing-a-long chorus wrapped around a great tune.  This song will surely get them lycra clad dudes and ladies bopping around on the dance floors for sure.

There’s more that an air of Bon Jovi’s 'Runaway' about ‘Talk To You Later’ before the album closer ‘Last Train’.  A real bluesy track that rounds up a great Melodic Rock album and one that will sure please the die-hard fans of the genre.


1. Surrender
2. Zone Zero
3. Take Me As I Am
4. Unless You Talk To Me
5. Carry On
6. Rocky Road
7. Heat Of The Night
8. Hard Times Shuffle
9. Don't Love Me Again
10. Through The Night
11. Blackmailed
12. Talk To You Later
13. Last Train



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