Artist:  Bai Bang
   Title: Are You Ready
   Label: Metal Heaven

Well it's official, as Stockholm is rapidly becoming the new LA as Sweden is wrapped in the 80's vibe of the Sunset Strip and all things Glam Rock orientated at the moment, it seems only right that Bai Bang should reform to show the young pretenders how it’s done.

Diddi Kastenbolt brings in new blood for this chapter of the bands history with Pelle Eliaz on guitar, Joacim Sandin on bass and completing the quartet Jonas Langebro on drums.

It might have been eight years since the bands last studio album but all that flair and glitzy sleaze hasn’t lost any of its shine, as the band come out kicking and screaming right from the off and that Sunset vibe of the Ratt and Crue days returns in bucket loads, only now it features a more modern sounding angst feel to it.  If you’re familiar with the band Fatal Smile then you'll know what I’m talking about, mix them with Wig Wam's sound and you’ve got Bai Bang!

The album opens up with ‘I Love The Things You Hate’ and the years of grunge and all the negative vibes of the nineties are thrown aside as that eighties good time vibe really hits you full frontal.

The band have some great anthemic songs on this album, really great arena anthems the first of which is the massive ‘Born To Rock’, a great song with a massive chorus and some wickedly delicious licks.  A must listen to track and definite single material.

The sleazier side of the band is brought out with ‘Party Queen’.  This is pure Sunset Strip good time rock n' roll at its best, then it's straight into another one of those arena style rockers with ‘Are You Ready I’m Ready’.

Things are slowed down just a little with the ballad like tones of ‘Only The Best Die Young’, which features a guitar solo from ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie.  Next things pick up the pace once again for ‘We Come Alive’, a hard-hitting slice of Hard Rock with that simply ROCKS!  Think old school KISS and you'll not be far off on this one.

The modern hard hitter lovers with just love the fantastic ‘Long Time Cumin’ with it's big guitars and an even bigger chorus, before moving on to ‘Bad Boys’ with it's definite Danger Danger vibe.

The band reach out the Melodic Rock crowd with another of my favourites ‘All The Little Things’ before rounding off the album as they started, in full party mood with ‘Bigtime Party’.

With all this talk of a world wide recession and the gloom and doom surrounding it every time you switch on the TV or radio, it's great to just have a feel good album to turn your grey skies to blue and 'Are You Ready' is such an aural ray of sunshine, it really is.   So give yourself an early summer and blow away those grey skies Scandinavian style.


1. I Love The Things You Hate
2. Born To Rock
3. Party Queen
4. Are You Ready I'm Ready
5. Only The Best Die Young
6. We Come Alive
7. Longtime Cumin
8. Bad Boys
9. All The Little Things
10. Bigtime Party



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