Artist:  Bai Bang
   Title: Livin' The Dream
   Label: AOR Heaven

2009 saw the welcome return of Diddi Kastenholt and Bai Bang with their ‘Are You Ready’ opus, now in 2011 Diddi and the guys are back with their latest release ‘Livin’ My Dream’.

Returning with Diddi we have Pelle Eliaz (guitar) and Joacim Sandin (bass), with the drum stool being taken up by Johnny Benson, who replaces Jonas Langebro.

The album continue where ‘Are You Ready’ left off, as the Swedes bring a touch of Sunset Strip to the masses once more with just a touch of Scandinavian melody to bring it into the now.  The album shoots straight from the hip from the off the opener ‘We’re United’.  No fancy intros, no mystic echoes, just straight shooting rock n' roll from the off.

The band show off that melodic side that was the mainstay of 'Are You Ready’ once more on this album as they continue with the excellent title track ‘Livin My Dream’ and the rockin’ ‘Come On’.  Two great tracks that span across both the Glam and Melodic Rock genres.

The band still show their influences on their sleeves with the 80’s power-ballad driven ‘Rock On’, a mix between Def Leppards ‘Rocket’ and Europe’s ‘Cherokee’, before really mixing things up with a little electro-dance rock mix with ‘Stay’, which leads us nicely into the gentle ballad 'Gonna Have It All', which brings us back earth.

It's back to the hard rock with the excellent arena style rockers ‘Tonight’ and ‘Rock It’, before another of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Die For You’.  Although not an all out rocker, this is one of the best musical pieces on the album.  A great mix of melody rich licks and soar-away vocals.

The album closes as it started with a big bold rock statement in ‘Put On Her Dress’, which returns to that sleazy glam side and wraps another great rock album from the boys from Sweden.  This album showcases perfectly the fact that it's  Scandinavia and not L.A. that's keeping the sleaze fire burning bright these days.


1. We're United
2. Livin' My Dream
3. Come On
4. Rock On
5. Stay
6. Gonna Have It All
7. Tonight
8. Rock It
9. Die For You
10. Put On Her Dress



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