Artist: Bangalore Choir  
   Title: On Target
   Label: AOR Heaven

In 1990 one of the bands that seemed to miss the recognition it deserved where Bangalore Choir, a band set up by David Reece and Rusty Miller.  In 1992 we saw the first fruit of this alliance with the bands debut album 'On Target'.  The album are still held in high regard amongst the Hard Rock and Melodic Rock community even to this day, and now in 2010 with the band working on a new album, due out later this year, AOR Heaven have taken this opportunity to re-release ‘On Target’, which as been re-mastered by Martin Kronlund in Sweden.

This is unlike other releases as not only has Kronlund done a superb job on the album, but he has totally revamped the sound to make it bigger and better.  If you thought the original was good then you’ve got to hear this new version of the album, it will just blow you away.

Right from the opener ‘Angel In Black’ you can instantly feel that much bigger sound from both Reece’s vocals and the guitars of John Kirk and Curt Mitchell.  There seems to be a purpose about the tracks that was missing from the originals.  This is one album that has profited from modern technology and blows the original away.

Each track just explodes from the speakers with ‘Loaded Gun’ sounding 100% better than the original, and what can I say about ‘If The Good Die Young (We Live Forever)’, what a monster track Kronlund has made this one sound!  This is proper Hard Rock at it’s finest and has to be one of the finest rock songs you’ll ever hear.

Reece has always had a great rock vocal (he’d never have been picked to replace Udo if he hadn’t), but this album shows what can be done with the right man behind the desk

I’ve listened to both albums side-by-side and back-to-back and I must say I never would have thought that a re-mastered album would outshine the original but this one sure does.

Just check out the likes of ‘Slippin’ Away’ and ‘Freight Train Rollin’ if you doubt me.  One of the finest Melodic Hard Rock albums just got better.

Let's hope the new album is produced by Kronlund because for me there is no other man for the job.  If this is what he can do with ten year old masters just imagine what he can do with new ones!

Did I forget to mention this new version includes a bonus video for ‘Loaded Gun’, so even more reason to get this newer revamped version, which definitely hits the mark and is bang "On Target"!  


01. Angel In Black

02. Loaded Gun
03. If The Good Die Young (We'll Live Forever)
04. Doin' The Dance
05. Hold On To You
06. All Or Nothin'
07. Slippin' Away
08. She Can't Stop
09. Freight Train Rollin'
10. Just One Night



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