Artist:  Bangalore Choir
   Title: Candence
   Label: AOR Heaven

'Cadence' is one of the most anticipated releases this year, after the re-working of the bands 'On Target' album earlier this year, we were given a taste of what was to come from this new album.  'On Target' in its original form was one of the albums of the Melodic and Hard Rock genres when it was released, but Reece wasn’t happy with album and thought it was over produced, something that became a trait of many albums of the time, so the album was completely re-recorded and in my opinion was a better for it.

Now to the new album, with Reece we see the return of Curt Mitchel on guitars and Danny Greenberg on bass with Hans i’nt Zandt on drums and Andy Susemihl, who not only handled guitars and but also production duties.  The resulting album is one that’s gonna rock the Hard Rock world because The Choir are back and they aint no Sister Act.

The album is called ‘Cadence’ which means tempo, pace, rhythm and beat something that the album has in spades, which is instantly recognised after the intro ‘Wahzoo City’, with the proper opener being ‘Power Trippin’, a real punchy hard rock track with Reece delivering the goods from the off, while the guitars of Mitchell and Susemihl go for the jugular from the first chords.  A great opener that once again shows why the band were such great favourites the first time round, this isn’t a band dwelling on the past this is a band taking the best of its roots and taking it forward and keeping it fresh.

This is never more so than on the excellent ‘Martyr’, classic Reece but with an edge that wasn’t there on the first pressing of 'On Target' but was there in bucketfuls on the new version.

This stunning album continues to impress with ‘Living Your Dreams Everyday’, a more gentle rocker but still a stunner with Mitchell and Susemihl producing the goods on the guitars once again.  I haven’t mentioned the rhythm section yet, so this one gives me a chance to say what a solid foundation i’nt Zandt and Greenberg are, they bring something special to proceedings time after time on this album.

One of my favourite tracks off the album has to be ‘Survival Of The Fittest’, again a hard rock guitarists wet dream, big licks bountiful, but it's Reece’s vocals that really shine on this one.  This one shows what Accept saw in him, he really has the range to mix it with the big boys in the rock world for sure.

The band bring the heat old school style with ‘Tomorrow’ and the excellent riff spewn groove monster ‘Heart Attack & Vine’, before bringing it down a notch or two with ballad ‘We Still Have A Song To Sing’, which could easily be adopted as the anthem for the bands and fans of the Melodic and Hard Rock genre.

Still in the somewhat gentler Hard Rock vibe the album continues with the superb ‘Dig Deep’, before rocking it up a bit more with ‘Never Say Goodbye’, again Reece is at the top of his game on this one.

The album keeps impressing the hell out of me with great melodic moments like ‘Sweet Temptation’ and the up-tempo moments like ‘High On The Clouds’ and another favourite of mine, ‘Spirits Too They Bleed’.

The album closes on a high with the guitar fuelled rocker ‘Surrender All Your Love’, which wraps up a great return for the band and is an album worthy of the Bangalore Choir name.  It has been a long time coming but believe me the wait was well worth it.


1. Wahzoo City
2. Power Trippin'
3. Martyr
4. Living Your Dreams Everyday
5. Survival Of The Fittest
6. Tomorrow
7. Heart Attack & Vine
8. Still Have A Song To Sing
9. Dig Deep
10. Never Say Goodbye
11. Sweet Temptation
12. High On The Clouds
13. Spirits Too They Bleed
14. Surrender All Your Love



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