Artist:  Barbe-Q-Barbies
   Title: Breaking All The Rules
   Label: Southworld

Take a note of the name, Barbe-Q-Barbies, (Why's That Robb?) Well, I'll tell you, simply because this group of women could just about to be ready to break through and become 'the next big thing' when it comes to a girl-band in rock.  Looking like a raggy-arsed bunch with attitude, they've set themselves apart from the typical types we're sadly getting used to on the T.V. and radio, manufactured by record moguls to get their 15 minutes of fame before getting dumped for the next sorry bunch. Looking at these girls, you wouldn't dare do that!!

Hailing from Finland, BBQB have brought us their new album, 'Breaking All The Rules', bringing a sense of fun and excitement to the rock scene like a breath of fresh air in a fart-filled room!!

You only have to experience the thudding salvo of the drums of opener 'Crashing Down' to get what this band set to achieve, it's 70's rock tones infectiously catchy beyond what most would expect to hear from .......girls!! Carrying on in that fashion, 'One More (And I'll Be Gone)' is hard-edged and very guitar-orientated, though due to the lyrics, the song falls more on the side of what Pink has come up with lately.  Keeping that in mind, it's almost impossible to tell the two acts apart on 'STFU', where the grooving drumbeat and vocals are identical to those used on said rouged-one's 'I'm Not Dead' album.  Of course you also get the obligatory F-word thrown in too, seeing as it's part of the full song title!!

When you hear that they've supported the likes of New York Dolls and W.A.S.P., you know that they've already caused a stir somewhere along the line, and it's not surprising really when they rock like a good 'un, as they do on the frisky headbanging 'Due Time', all guitars blazing with a slicing riff and solo show-down.  The sexist amongst us will probably think "I didn't know GIRLS could play like that", well, unfortunately for you (and thankfully for the normal people), this is how today's women in rock sound, so get over it!

If you think that could be good, get your ears around 'Shout It Out'.  Imagine Kiss waking up and finding they've got boobs and their balls ain't dropped yet and you got the drift!! This song is bursting with 70's glam/rock energy but with a bang up-to-date, in your face quality.  Even the keyboards that break through the relentless barrage of six-strings has attitude, and it's not often you can say that about the ivories.

This album isn't all about the raging rockers though, as the girls show they have an intimate side on the acoustic gem 'Gun in My Hand'.  Done very simply, the song doesn't do anything but rely on some gentle keyboards and tambourine accompanying the guitar, then eventually some subtle drum-work.  As easy as that, and with the heartfelt lyrics, you've got a winner.  Maybes they could have afforded another ballad to break the up-tempo cycle, but that's just a wee nit-pick if anything.

'Can't Get What You're Looking For' goes to further prove that BBQB just LOVE TO ROCK!!  The pulsating beat doesn't let up from the word go, with the fist-in-the-air title/chorus sure to catch on when played live.  If not, then there's no doubting that 'Love Machine' will do the trick! Again the thumping drumming is the leader here, though one hell of a blistering solo mid way through rips the back end out of it all on this manic, non-stop roller-coaster ride of a song.

You can probably count the amount of all-female rock bands who have made the grade on one hand, two if you're very lucky or got a good memory, so it's great that Barbe-Q-Barbies have come along and are ready to blow away all the cliches surrounding girl-bands (an awful title too), do it their way and rock their arses off, even showing some of 'the boys' how it should be done in the process. Yes, real 'Grrl Power' is alive and kicking with BBQB, and long may it last.

 I'm off now to burn my 'Jockey Y-O's' to show my support. C'mon Girls!!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin


1. Crashing Down
2. One More (And I'll Be Gone)
3. Whole Lotta You
4. Breaking All The Rules
6. Due Time
7. Love Machine
8. Can't Get what You're Looking For
9. Gun In My Hand
10. Shout It Out
11. Friday



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